The mood board is basically the subject I would like to present in my video. With the rapid development of network spreading, communication and transmission of information become more convenient in an unprecedentedly efficient manner. People can instantly receive real-time reports about the pandemic. However, it also poses a danger to the general populace as the cost of spreading rumours for individuals seems to be nothing during such a period of panic. Meanwhile, social media platforms pour fuel to the flames by mongering fear and hatred, giving rise to confrontation.


Chan Ue Yin Monique

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  1. Ina Wu says:

    1. Research: Collect rumors about tangible spaces. (eg. Virus can be transmitted through the ventilation system)
    2. Question rumor collected, come up with a simple and critical question to ask in the documentary.
    3. Data collection: Consider interviewing different people on their thoughts of the rumor. Write up a strick interview guideline, regarding how the interviewee’s composition spatially for consistency of footage.
    4. Revise your mood board to ponder on the spatiality of your film.


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