In my opinion, the reason why Japan’s disaster film industry is very popular is closely related to the country’s own experience and attributes. As an island country, Japan, located on the Pacific Rim seismic belt, has to experience large and small earthquakes. In the 1950s-1960s, Japanese people were recovering from the trauma of World War II. The monster films during this period well reflected the domestic situation and gave the Japanese people a way to sympathize and find ways to vent. When people watch these films, they can easily bring their tragic experience into the world, and then they


[Video Essay] Hybrid City — merits and shortcomings in catering industry

Shenyang, a rapidly developing city seriously affected by the second wave of COVID-19, bears the brunt of the epidemic. A large number of restaurants are closed or renovated. However, some catering related industries and restaurants have not changed much, even during the most serious period of the epidemic. With the question of why there is such a big gap between similar industries, I explored the functions, types, construction structures and locations of these restaurants and cafes. I mainly carried out this research in Zhongjie (Shenyang). The distribution study looked for ordinary home-made restaurants, fast food restaurants in the bustling pedestrian

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Reading Response: Carl Abbott and Christine Boyer

The writer have used several paragraph discussing about the sci-fi cities in future and made several comparisons towards the modern urban cities. The word of migratory city , also can be referred to walking city, is a new concept that the author mentioned in the passage, which is an ignorance of  landscape and few worry about the survival resources such as fossil fuels or other non renewable resources. What the author also mentioned is the reflection of future(sci-fi) cities towards the urban ones. Those imaginary and different changes are mostly discovered for solve problems existed now. Like the traffic congestion

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I’m Livin’ It, DIR. Huang (2019)            McDonald’s Hong Kong The place where led the story which is a very commonly seen McDonald on street.   I’m livin’ it(2019) mainly tells the story of Bowen, a former financial talent, who meets all kinds of sleepers in a McDonald’s restaurant and supports each other to help get out of the trough of life. The film is led by Shen Zi who ran away from home. After the conflict in Jane’s song hall, it officially leads to the location of McDonald’s. There are all kinds of sleepers here at night. They know