Workshop 2: Interview with Second Chan

  Push (2009), a Hollywood action film set in HK     Question and response Zhu: Mr. Chan, I have looked at your profile on IMDB and found out that you have engaged in a lot of transnational filmmaking, where you cooperated with Euro-American directors, playwrights, production teams or film companies. For instance, Push (2009) and Iron Man 3 (2013) are basically Hollywood films with Chinese/HK elements; My Lucky Star (2013) is the work of a US director; Trail of Panda (2009) is produced by the Walter Disney Company. Also quite a few Jackie Chan movie, like Karate Kid (2010)

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Field Trip 2 MTR: Getting on and off

Slow-Motion + Special Angle This video features the scene of passengers getting off and on the MTR. It is recorded at the feet level so it concentrates on the movements and overlapping of legs. Also, the part which passengers get off are slow-motioned to make the focus, that’s the movements of legs, even more obvious. The background noise is also minimized at that part so that viewers will be directed to concentrate on the flow of passengers. Framming + Surprising location This video is filmed by looking at the monitor which is designed for the MTR driver to

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