[Video Essay] Management City

  Title: Management city — The blood vessel of Beijing Site: Sidewalks(Beijing, China) Facing a problematic COVID situation, Beijing is taking strict COVID control. Several spaces are locked down. People lost access to buildings and sites they used to. However, the demand for entertainment, communication, living even medical treatment remains. Hence, a place always ignored, sidewalks become a vital role for the city management under COVID. Research background and Analysis   Being the capital of China, Beijing has become one of the largest metropolises worldwide. With a population of more than 20,000,000, proper use of sidewalks is a must in

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[Field-Homework 3] Housing Estate: Our Collective Home

Video Essay Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99HTXXm3enY Title: Housing Estate: Our Collective Home ‘The unique privilege of architecture is not that it is guaranteeing a convenient void but that it is constructing an interior world.’ – Rudolf Arnheim Initial Theme The housing estate is a single form that brings together homes. It is meant to connect houses with magnificent stories and experiences. However, since the housing estate is born out of a human need for survivability it is treated as rigid, robotic and geometric. Making it an amalgamation of opposites which culminates into a complex ‘Hybrid city’. The main theme of this video

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[Field-Homework 3] Human City

The Video: Directed by Hung Chi Hang Cast: Markus Wong as Human We, as human beings, experience the city in a very unique way. With modernisation architecture, we utilise space through urbanising the natural environment, resulting in serious impact on the ecosystem. The theme of “Human City” is to reveal the brutality of humans on nature and other species that live together with us. From mass industrialisation to animal violence, even though humans are the most intelligent and cognitive beings on Earth, the ultimate goal of civilisation should be living with nature instead of replacing it with our own territories.

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[Video Essay] Slow City

Slow City  – Parks We tend to think of an aging society as slow or at odds with the times. Especially in a “fast” city like Hong Kong, people are immersed in a day-to-day cycle. An aging community like Sham Shui Po is increasingly out of tune with the city. In this video, I filmed in the park downstairs from my house, trying to discover the people and things in this “slow” park in the corner of Sham Shui Po. As you can see in the video, the people in the park are mainly middle-aged and elderly people. They tend

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[Field-Homework 3]Public City

  Title: Public city Director: Yumin Kim Description of the theme & the setting What is the most public space in a city? My hypothesis is that the most public space is the lobby. In fact, I believe that the lobby is qualified to be considered the most ‘public’ of all spaces. Unlike private spaces that are only accessible to the inhabitants of the city, the lobby can be accessed by both natives and foreigners alike. In a way, the lobby is, inherently, more encompassing than other spaces. For example, the lobby apparently does not have the privacy of the

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[Field-Homework 3] Hybrid City

Video: https://youtu.be/zoojbnEdSVc Title: Hybrid City Site: Overhead Bridge Credits: Directed and narrated by Kwan Yin Kiu Storyboard & Script Scene 1: Intro Scene 2: Theme Shot: Wai Yip Street Footbridge Transcript: “The fate of the bridges is to be lonely; because bridges are to cross not to stay.” -Mehmet Murat Ildan Scene 3: Theme Transcript: Professor Mee Kam Ng, Director of the Urban Studies Programme at CUHK, once said, “Majority of bridges in Hong Kong are merely functional, just like conveyor belts, as people cross them in a hustle, wanting to reach the other end faster” Scene 4 Transcript: In the book ”Cities without Ground”,

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[Field-Homework 3] Mobile City

We often find ourselves being placed in scenarios where we need to make very different decisions.  In this tug of war, different decisions may represent contradicting paths in life; it is one or the other.  Of course, in our society, there are many factors that interfere with our choices; self-doubting and second-guessing are bound to happen.  We want to choose a direction in life that includes no regrets.  That is very difficult, to begin with; even if we somehow managed to pick one direction, can we stick to it throughout our life course?     When we cannot decide on the

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[Field-Homework 3] Disappearing City

  Theme: Hong Kong government strives to reconstruct old areas. Tai Hang Sai Estate, is one of them. This place is chosen by me because it is actually a private house estate. It is the only form now in Hong Kong. If it disappears too, there is no such an estate in Hong Kong. These old areas are going to be disappeared soon due to the urban demand and their aging. However, these are actually places for many people to have memories with. As their daily lives must happen here. Therefore, this video essay is going to discuss how the

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[Field-Homework 3] Public City

  Site: Different playground Theme and Subject: There are countless playgrounds in Beijing for people to relax and entertain. However, with the progress of science and technology and the increase in work and study, most people have fewer and fewer opportunities to play on the playground and are more willing to spend their leisure time on the Internet. This article will first discuss how people use playgrounds, and further investigate what we think is very common but has deep meaning: the use and design of playground colours. Playground and life: Even if the current epidemic is severe and people’s use

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[Field-Homework 3] Crisis city – Housing Estate

Crisis city – Housing Estate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGfuTjWoTa8&list=PL5PP0NHM6bT9DpggvjwrrlG26bJ50vEr0&index=1&t=86s   Since the beginning of 2020, Covid 19 pandemic has already impacted our lives for almost two and a half years. Due to its relatively high infection and death rate, countries and regions have announced various Covid policies aimed to overcome the issue that the pandemic brought. While other countries are less restricted in their covid policy, the Chinese government believes that the zero-covid policy will eventually be the answer to the current problem. Thus, when the number of positive cases started to increase in Shanghai at the end of February, a city-wide lockdown

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