Michel de Certeau

A place is something stable created through spaces.A space on the other hand is something mobile, created through memories and stories of people who move around in these spaces. For example the students walking around in HKU, the security guards patrolling and the professors rushing to their lectures all create spaces through movement and interaction. Though HKU is considered to be a place for education, it is not the only thing that happens in it. HKU wouldn’t be a place without all the interactions and stories that take place in the spaces of HKU, giving it a significance of a place. A place is only given value when spaces are created through mobility.

When people look at an unfamiliar place from outside the boundary, such as the HKU campus to tourists, they see a stable, red concrete building distinguishable from its surroundings. The information of HKU in articles and online affect how different people view HKU and the students who go to HKU.While for people who go to HKU, they view HKU not only as place of education, but also a place for socialising and dining with their friends. Therefore, different people can have different interpretation of a place based on experiences and information given to them. Space created through interactions and movement in HKU is the reason why it is considered as a truly place.

If nobody goes to a place and don’t create spaces there, then the place would simply be left to the imagination of different individuals with no actual significance.

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  1. Jen Lam says:

    Your analysis on HKU as both a place and a space is on-point. The frequent practice of the spaces in HKU makes the school truly a place. What is meant by true place? Is Disneyland a true place? It is practiced by its visitors yet the spots in the theme park are detached from reality. Their street blocks are only with facades. Is Narnia a true place? It only exists in films and books but a lot of readers have special emotions and memories about it, though they have never been there. There are a lot of place/space examples that are intriguing to think about.


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