[Mood Board] High-tech city

In the past, people need to use about three months to discover SARS is a coronavirus. Today, scientists only spend three days to find out the DNA sequence of the COVID-19. It shows that our technology grows exponentially. I believe that people already need not to wear a mask outside in 2021, because the vaccines are probably invented and used to save people. Also, the city will become more harmonious as we can see different people help each other during this epidemic. The streets become lively, more shops are open, and everyone has a higher hygiene awareness. For example, there are more alcohol hand rub in any buildings.

Name: Lau Hiu Fung

UID: 3035720350

1 thought on “[Mood Board] High-tech city

  1. Matt Chan says:

    – The idea of a ‘Hi-Tech City’ seems too broad. Consider choosing one specific aspect to focus your commentary, e.g. masks.
    – Explore the use of colors and textures and depict the changes in spaces and your environment.


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