Reading Response: Ackbar Abbas

While Abbas introduced the invisible city and generic city in the reading, I was hooked on the concept of Generic city, a strangely interesting and vague term to me. A city with something of anything, but also nothing: No characteristic, no history, identity nor iconic shape. The movie clip shown in the tutorial from The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) clearly justified the idea. We cannot identify which city or countries the characters were in. Just a normal and crowded station. Hong Kong as an international city is also generic to some extent. Think about any Central Business District of the developed

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Reading Resources (Additional)

For those who are interested in reading more widely on the topics covered in this Architecture and Film course, we have compiled a shortlist of books, chapters and various publications that range in disciplines, including Architecture, Landscape Studies, Cinema and Media, Visual Theory and Aesthetics. The HKU Library is a useful place to start in finding some of these titles. If the university library does not have it in holdings, you may request it via another institution by submitting through HKALL request. AlSayyad, N. (2001). Hybrid urbanism: On the identity discourse and the built environment. Westport, Conn.: Praeger. Berger, J. (1972). Ways

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