[Video Essay] Disappearing City

Site: Playground Theme: Disappearing City Method of conducting research: I did a couple of field observations in different playgrounds during the busiest hours of the day, during sunset. By shooting the playground both horizontally and vertically, I recorded the number of people hanging in the sites. I further developed my conclusion that there were not as many children playing in the playgrounds as it used to be. The theme, setting and components The story, disappearing city, follows “me” and my friend when we were still the best friends during my childhood. After elementary school classes, we very often spent our

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LOVE IN A PUFF, DIR. Pang Ho-cheung (2010)            Back Alley of Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong   Jimmy (Shawn Yue) and Cherie (Miriam Yeung) smoke romantically in the back alley of Pacific Place. Scene from Love in A Puff, 2010, directed by Pang Ho-cheung. Pang Ho-cheung had portrayed the contemporary social phenomenon by applying the style of romantic comedy, Love in A Puff was filmed mainly in the back alleys near the workplaces, picturing how the Hong Kong employees smoke after the implementation of the indoor smoking ban in 2007. Consisting a range of professions, from


Reading Response: Jennifer Yoos and Vincent James

In this reading, the grade-separated pedestrian highway like highways and subways have changed drastically over the years. In the past, these implementation is to ensure the safety of pedestrians crossing the road from the hugh amount of vehicles passing by, creating a more unified retail experience without threatening the primacy of automobiles. In contrast, it had altered the form and spatial logic of cities around the world to a large extent. These kinds of pedestrian highways had changed in the form of footbridges and subways to underground railway systems containing shops over time in the commercial aspect. One of the

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Reading Response: Nezar AlSayyad

This article introduced an emerging trend of modernity which is voyeuristic modernity. With the technological advancement, abundance of electronic surveillance has appeared. Therefore, many of movies not only record the imaging, but also depict how is the lifestyle of a city, by observing pedestrians, buildings and so on. Urban cities can be featured by voyeur at various degree. for example. In the movie of Rear Window,  Jeff, as a main character, observed his neighbour, Thorwald, in order to investigate the unfolded murder case through the rear window. We can thereby feel the atmosphere of the movie instead of being told

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