[Reading Response] Ackbar Abbas

I agree with Abbas. The image of our city is crafted by money instead of the city itself, and it presents an absents of characters because they are designed for a “brand” or an icon instead of showing the real side of the city. It makes the city invisible to the people. At the same time, I think that it is also hard to argue whether it represents Hong Kong, all those Generic City images may be intentional, globalization and internet leading us from difference to similarity. For me, the image of Hong Kong crafted by the government shows the

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[Reading Response] Ackbar Abbas

Cities are trying to boost their tourist trade by using branding strategies that make them more unforgettable and attractive, but they are one of the reasons for cities becoming “Generic Cities”. Cities would spend millions of dollars to build up their brand, which cost them their uniqueness, like their culture, their history, or their identity. This can be reflected through the generic cities’ representations in cinematic images. For example, in Hollywood films, most cities in Asia are now seen and represented as rich cities. I have discovered that in different films or television shows when people mention Hong Kong or

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[Reading Response] M. Christine Boyer

Boyer has mentioned the point of CyberCities, how different aspects of cities are being replaced and controlled by computer technology, and I think this is becoming the new reality day by day. Like the argument mentioned in the reading, “electronic telecommunications have so reformulated our perception of space and time that we experience a loss of spatial boundaries, of spacial distinctions.”, since the beginning of the pandemic, our normal lives have been moved online and became virtual. People were used to going to school or to work or to gatherings in person, but because of the virus, people were forced

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[Video Essay]Hybrid City

  [Video essay]Hybrid City Site:Sidewalk What is hybrid city There are some definitions on hybrid city,suggesting hybrid city is a city in village or a village in city,in short it means hybrid city is a mix of urban and rural, I agree that I believe whether a city is hybrid or not is not just based on the type of land use.Hybrid means a mix of things, and hybrid city is definitely more than just a mix of  rural and urban area , it can be a mix of how people live,and the images of different places in the city.

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Conjoined City

https://youtu.be/VLL4LqswE5Q Story Board   Description Parks have long been something of an anomaly in the cityscape, especially in one as densely urbanized as Hong Kong. This park in the heart of Tai Po market is a pretty accurate description of what these pocket parks all over Hong Kong look like-surrounded by buildings, motorways, walkways and the like. So, one might be misled to think that these parks might as well not exist, and that parks in general are simply taking up space that can be instead used build more housing, malls or offices to provide for the population. There was

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[Field-Homework 3] Park: Ecological City

Description of the theme and subject matter: In my video essay, my space is set in a park. There are a lot of parks in Hong Kong, but every single one of them is different and unique to different people because they contain special memories and meanings. I have chosen Kowloon Park as my main location for the video essay. It is because it is the place where I created a lot of great, fun childhood memories. And as it is a public park, there are a lot of facilities there, which attracts a lot of people to go there.

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[FIELDWORK] THE WAY WE ARE, ON WAH HUI (2008) TIN SHUI SHOPPING CENTRE, YUEN LONG, NEW TERRITORIES Mrs Cheung and Mrs Leung ready to take the bus in the bus station in front of the Tin Shui Shopping Centre. Scenes from The Way We Are 2008, directed by On Wah Hui. Movie The Way We Are tells the story about the daily life of Mrs Cheung and her son Ka-on. They live in the housing estate in Tin Shui Wai and meet Mrs Leung, who is a solitary elderly. Mrs Cheung offers help to Mrs Leung and they experience a

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