TRANSFORMER: AGE OF EXTINCTION, DIR MICHAEL BAY(2014) Monster Building, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong     Transformer is a well-known movie around the world, and it has a few episodes of the movie. The main idea of the movie is that there are two factions, the Autobots and the evil Decepticons. They come to earth from other planets and they want to get a cubic with ultimate power which is held by a teenager call Sam Witwicky. In the fourth movie of Transformer- Transformer: Age of Extinction, there are some fighting scenes in the movie which is setting in Hong Kong.



1.WIDE ANGLE Stuck in my room, time seems to go by faster each day. 2.ZOOM A lone mask weighs down on piles of homework. 3.FOCUS   4.CROP Reminders posted around my room to keep myself motivated. 5.BIRD’S EYE/ AERIAL The skyline although seemingly so close seems farther away as I remain trapped at home. 6.WORM’S EYE My personal stock of hand sanitiser alludes to the growing importance of personal hygiene. 7.FIRST PERSON VIEW Family photos…I hope they are safe. 8.SKEWED ANGLE The world outside my room seems like a distant reality. 9.PERSPECTIVE My desk, a wreck, where I live out


Field-Homework 2 Once Bustling Transport Hub

Field-Homework 2 Once Bustling Transport Hub Lau Chun Ho Darren UID: 3035708819 People on pedestrian seems more than those on the highway. Construction works at Statin-Central Link tunneling have been suspended due to prevalence of virus. The highway was sparsely distributed with transport which supposed to be main route of traffic. This tiny ship stuck in the middle of the harbor, seems enjoying magnificent view of Hong Kong Island alone Crossing the harbor no longer congested with traffic. Busy traffic with comings and goings of people symbolized the dynamic and vibrancy of the city. However, traffic was smooth in the

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[Field Homework 1] Restriction

1. Wide-angle; The only scene allowed by the current situation is a view from the bedroom. Such view have been just a passive moment in the past daily life, but now the view seems quite different from the past days. The current situation has changed many people’s point of view from where they are at. This wide angle has contained the apartment where it is shelter for many people and office building beyond the apartment is an office for many people within the city. This photo reflects people’s daily life, but the restricted view within the spot, the room, conveys

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[Field-Homework 1] Desire

#This is  a  modification blog, since I have posted my field homework 1 to 2019 blog…. I choose my study place(,which is in my bedroom) View frame: unmanned streets outside the window   Zoom: frame of the half-opened window Worm’s eye: Desk with learning equipment Focus: used facial tissue  Chiaroscuro: inside and outside the window The fear of virus contagion force everybody to stay at home. And it has been a long time without going outside, which cause anxiety. In my photograph, I take the window as a barrier, using curtain to make chiaroscuro. I change the contrast of photo,

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[Field-Homework 1] Night of a Market

Chiaroscuro   A contrast shot to show inside the building is very bright at night.   First-person view   A first-person view shot to show the food supply is normal.   Zoom A zoom shot to show the light has been turned on for deinsectization.   Focus A focus on the bulb shows the butch’s shop is already closed.   Worm’s eye A worm’s eye type shot to show the empty staircase.   Skewed angle A skewed angle of the market entry.   Crop A crop type shot to show the cleaner sweeping the floor.   Wide-angle A wide-angle shot

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[Field-Homework 1] My Home Abroad

My life abroad for the past month and a half.   1. Wide Angle My old bunk bed from Hong Kong, now in Penang. 2. Zoom I was supposed to leave Penang after Chinese New Year, my parents bought me this hand sanitizer in preparation for that. 3. Focus We ended up buying 30 boxes of surgical masks for friends and family, we have already sent some back to Hong Kong. 4. Crop This is my favourite and only camera, my Pentax MX. 5. Bird’s Eye View/Aerial This is the view from outside my parent’s bedroom, life goes on in

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[Field-Homework 1] One Day

1. Wide Angle The ceiling of my room in the morning. 2. Zoom A Shiba is talking to an elephant. 3. Crop An electronic pencil sharpener is standing on the table and waiting for me. 4. Focus The light bulbs glow excitedly. 5. Bird’s eye There is one person on the street. 6. Worm’s eye The paper nano and their friends. 7. First person view The windows are protecting me from the air with viruses. 8. Skewed angle It said that I have to save the tissue. 9. Perspective The bed reminds me to sleep at 4pm. 10. View frame

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[Field-Homework 1] After Corona-virus

1. (Wide-angle) Shot of the outside of the house. This used to be full of students going to school before virus epidemic. 2. (Zoom Shot) The part of the road from picture 1. Normally, the bus station is full of people. 3. (Aerial shots / Serial Shots) The state of the parking lot + road nearby. 4. (Perspective) After the situation got worse in Korea, all people needed to lock themselves in their own habitat. As a university student, I only could get a temporary one. 5. (First Person View) The room is fine, but isn’t too big. 6. (First

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[Field-Homework 1] How I live nowadays

Wide Angle My room when I get up in the morning. So sleepy Focus My morning coffee. Almost empty Bird’s eye Outside of my house. Hard to find people walking in the park. Worm’s eye My laptop and earphone on my favorite sofa crop fluffy unicorn doll in the sofa First-person view Reading an interesting SF novel in my sofa zoom Sometimes I listen to music with my weird-looking speaker skewed angle When I lie on the sofa, what I could see is this. perspective from my room to outside View frame My tiny table contrast leftovers. need to clean

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