[Video Essay] Crisis City

Video link: https://youtu.be/z7j91E7NEdY Description of the theme: The maximum utilization of rooftops distinguishes Hong Kong from the other metropolises. The rooftop has been functioning as an alternative living place for the less-privileged working-class people since the post-war period.[1] The traditional residential feature is continuing and intensifying with the advance of modernization and urbanization, as the additional space provided by rooftops partly negotiates the tension between the scarcity of land resources and the consistent request for more space caused by the exceeding population and economic growth. In contemporary life, the rooftop is serving more functions in addition to a living place,

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[Video Essay] Mobile City

Title: Mobile City Site: Bridge Director: Zhou Yingqi YouTube link: https://youtu.be/pZOsfNtbpyo As one of the first cities from China which had directly confronted the lethal corona virus on a massive scale, Wuhan had faced many difficulties across multiple dimensions that were unforeseen and thus placed major challenges against this city and its vulnerable residents. However, due to its high abundance and availability of constructed bridges of good build quality, this city was enabled to withstand the crisis effectively as its bridges helped to deliver ample benefits economically, socially, and financially for city itself. For the purposes of this report, it

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[Video Essay] Disappearing City

Site: Playground Theme: Disappearing City Method of conducting research: I did a couple of field observations in different playgrounds during the busiest hours of the day, during sunset. By shooting the playground both horizontally and vertically, I recorded the number of people hanging in the sites. I further developed my conclusion that there were not as many children playing in the playgrounds as it used to be. The theme, setting and components The story, disappearing city, follows “me” and my friend when we were still the best friends during my childhood. After elementary school classes, we very often spent our

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[Video Essay] Disappearing city: The disappearance of distinctive culture

The Video Essay Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6nkc2Q4qX8&list=PL5PP0NHM6bT9DpggvjwrrlG26bJ50vEr0&index=1  Title: Disappearing city: The disappearance of distinctive culture Site: Alleyway (Hohhot, China) “Culture heritage provides us an automatic sense of unity and belonging.”(2019) Background: Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, has a very strong ethnic integration character and geographical advantages by virtue of its political and geographical conditions. The province of Inner Mongolia is adjacent to Gansu Province on the left and Mongolia on the north. This situation and condition makes Inner Mongolia’s political center, Hohhot, have many residents of Mongolian, Hui and other ethnic minorities. At the same time, I believe that Inner Mongolia

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[Video Essay] Management City

  Title: Management city — The blood vessel of Beijing Site: Sidewalks(Beijing, China) Facing a problematic COVID situation, Beijing is taking strict COVID control. Several spaces are locked down. People lost access to buildings and sites they used to. However, the demand for entertainment, communication, living even medical treatment remains. Hence, a place always ignored, sidewalks become a vital role for the city management under COVID. Research background and Analysis   Being the capital of China, Beijing has become one of the largest metropolises worldwide. With a population of more than 20,000,000, proper use of sidewalks is a must in

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[Field-Homework 3] Housing Estate: Our Collective Home

Video Essay Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99HTXXm3enY Title: Housing Estate: Our Collective Home ‘The unique privilege of architecture is not that it is guaranteeing a convenient void but that it is constructing an interior world.’ – Rudolf Arnheim Initial Theme The housing estate is a single form that brings together homes. It is meant to connect houses with magnificent stories and experiences. However, since the housing estate is born out of a human need for survivability it is treated as rigid, robotic and geometric. Making it an amalgamation of opposites which culminates into a complex ‘Hybrid city’. The main theme of this video

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[Video Essay] Construction City

Construction city – rooftops in Mudanjiang Directed & Produced by Liu Xiaoyi Before covid, the border city Mudanjiang relied on its convenient geographical location, to vigorously develop border trade with Russia, and became an important port for China’s imports and exports to Russia. During the most prosperous period, businessmen from Russia could often be seen visiting Mudanjiang for purchasing and trading. In Suifenhe, a town under the jurisdiction of Mudanjiang, signs written in Russian words can be found everywhere, and even direct transactions in rubles are accepted here. Because of the flourishing trade and foreign exchange, Russian elements can be

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[Video Essay] Hybrid City

https://youtu.be/59YaP758nEE A hybrid city—corridor Walking along the corridor, what do people feel? This video performs a suppressing atmosphere with various transitions between corridors. Corridors, open spaces located between different exits and joints of surrounding environments, usually long and narrow. Unlike a room, corridors are merely an access for walking through and reaching destinations. It is worth noting that a long and narrow space triggers people thinking, rendering a sense of orientation both on their thoughts and walking. Regarding the story plot, this video is not a documentary, which introduces the function of the corridors and the heritage culture exclusively. Instead,

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[Video Essay] Disappearing City

Description When I encounter the theme of MTR passages, my thought immediately drifts to the concept of the liminal space, the space in between, in transition. These are the places people pass by so often that their sole purpose is to be passed through. Nobody pays attention to a waiting room, a staircase, a corridor, or a metro platform. But the liminal space concept is precisely studying the rational part of these architectural spaces, now without any existence of lifeforms, and attempting to bring out the irrational feelings of melancholy, claustrophobia, or nostalgia these spaces give us. I found this

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