[Field-Homework 3] Control City-Rooftop

    Introduction Living under the world of hypocrisy, all mankind is controlled by the society, we have been asking to reform as the person that society intends to become, from a little kid with big dreams, to a rowdy, insolent teenager, to a university student, to a future member of the society…Our lives seem to be barred in this fixed reincarnation. Hong Kong is a densely-populated metropolis, a fast-paced society, and a concrete jungle… Hongkongers are labeled as hard-working and overtime working as an inexorable “machine”, and we require fast in various aspects, eating, working, learning, transporting, etc. We

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[FIELDWORK]God of Gamblers 賭神, Lucky Plaza

GOD OF GAMBLERS, DIR. Wong Jing (1989) Lucky Plaza, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong God of gamblers is a Hong Kong traditional film directed by Wong Jing and led by Chow Yun-fat, Andy Lau, and Joey Wong. Ko Chun (Chow Yun-fat) is a famous gambler. The main story begins with Chun escaping from a train. After fighting on the train, Chun accidentally stumbles into Little knife (Andy Lau)’s trap, which is intended to play tricks with an Indian. Ko Chun falls under the hill and hits his head. He loses his memory partially. Little knife does not know who is

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MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III, DIR. J. J. Abrams (2006) The Shanghai Bank of China Tower/ Xitang, Shanghai Paramount Pictures released Mission: Impossible III in May 2006 in the United States. It is the third instalment in the Mission: Impossible film franchise. The movies are based on an imagery organization called IMF (Impossible Mission Force), which sends its agent to save the world from villains. The protagonist is Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise), one of the IMF agents. At the end of the previous movie, Hunt ‘has retired from the field work’ and became a coach of the new recruits. The



CHUNGKING EXPRESS, DIR. Wang Kar-Wai (1994)            CHUNGKING MANSION, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong           (Chungking mansion) “Chungking Express” is one of the most famous and classic Hong Kong movies created by Mr Wong Kar-Wai. The word “Chongking” in its name comes from Chungking Mansions located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. The film mainly narrates two love stories that are barely intertwined from two policemen: No. 233 and No. 663, who meet new people after being lovelorn. In addition to the main story content, the film also shows the vibrant side of



ROUGE, Kwan Kam Peng (1988)          Yi Honglou, Shek Tong Tsui, Hong Kong The film I choose is’ Rouge ‘, created by Li Bihua and directed by Kwan Kam Peng. The film mainly tells the story of Shek Tong Tsui prostitute “Ru Hua” and Chen Zhenbang’s love was opposed by Chen Zhenbang’s family, and eventually the two people swallowed opium . The place I chose was Shek Tong Tsui. This place is the place where Ru Hua and Chen Zhenbang meet and love each other, and also promote the development of this tragic story. The film begins

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Field work: Encounters on the road/Sycamore hotel

The place in my mind that occurs in the movie is the Dali Sycamore hotel in the movie 《Encounters on the road》The movie uses a two-line narrative. One is a series of interesting events that happened when the male protagonist, Geng went to Dali with his friend Hao after his divorce. The other one happened five years ago, Kang met Geng traveled to Dali, Yunnan after hearing Geng’s song “Go to Dali”, and eventually got married with Geng. At the beginning of the movie, Kang intends to divorce Geng. From the conversation with the lawyer, it can be known that

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[Field Report] Vampire Cleanup Department, Dump station in Wan Chai

Selected Film: Vampire Cleanup Department (2017) by Anthony Yan Site: Tai Wo Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong         This film tells a story about imaginary zombie events happens in urban city. The scene was set in Hong Kong in 21st century in Wan Chai, when zombie activities were secretly monitored and controlled by a group of special operation organization. This group of people disguised themselves as cleaners in the city. In this story, the male lead is a new member to join the team, and later he fell in love with a female zombie. This kind of

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[Field Report] Shaolin Temple

The first movie that came across to my mind that is set in where I live, is a very old movie made in 1982, 《Shaolin Temple》, directed by Zhang Xinyan. The most iconic place throughout the movie got to be the temple itself. This temple is located in Ruzhou, Henan Province, which is a thousand-year-old ancient temple – Fengxue Temple, which is only one mountain away from Shaolin Temple. Speaking of Fengxue Temple, it may be unfamiliar to a lot of people, most people heard of the temple through the movie 《Shaolin Temple》. Fengxue Temple is one of the filming

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[FIELDWORK] A Moment of Romance, St. Margaret’s Church

A Moment of Romance, DIR. Benny Chan(1970) A Moment of Romance (天若有情) is a Hong Kong action romance film. This film was directed by Benny Chan and starred Andy Lau, Jacklyn Wu, and Ng Man-tat. It told a romantic story that an underworld rag and a rich heiress fell in love with each other, just like a Hong Kong version of “Romeo and Juliet” Wah Dee (Andy Lau), a young triad gangster, hijacked a girl named Jo Jo (Jacklyn Wu) in a jewelry store robbery. After this accident, they then experienced a range of incidents. Eventually, they were in love

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Ten Years 十年 – Extras 浮瓜 (Kwok Zune, 2015) Ten Years is an anthology film composed totally five films. The story’s background is set in the year 2025 and mainly discusses the autonomy of Hong Kong from the aspects of culture, human rights, and politics. The film I chose is “Extras”, directed by Kwok Zune. The story takes place in a school building while the plot is about the government officials creating a planned assassination on two leaders of political organizations in order to arouse the public’s panic so that the National Security Law can be easily legislated. There are two