Slow City – Mall Directed by:LIU Haitian 3035844314 Script: Tianjin, a city with a long history and rich culture, the way of life here is gradually slowing down. During the pandemic, there are no more people in the bustling city center. There are rows and rows of tall buildings and some new fashion elements. Shopping malls, once crowded and noisy, are now soothing and reassuring. A variety of fine jewelry stores, cosmetics stores, goods in full view. And instead of fighting, people walked at their own pace, a throwback to decades ago. Malls, once crowded and noisy, are now reassuring. A variety of

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[Field Homework 3] Ecological City

Theme The assigned site was a ‘rooftop’ which was then expanded upon as “Ecological City”. It explores how despite Hong Kong enduring high levels of pollution as a result of its heavy urbanization, some individual farmers and architects took advantage of unutilized roof spaces for rooftop gardens, known as “green roofs”. Green roofs can be simple as vegetation integrated on top of residential buildings or walkways (such as the new Kai Tak sky garden), or gardens and farms that produces edible produce on the available space. The 2 sites explored – Hysan Place and HKU rooftop garden (now defunct and

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[Video Essay] Metamorphic City

Story Board:   Description: Diocesan Boys’ School’s dormitories are on its main campus- a fairly uncommon sight in a city as pressed for space as Hong Kong is. There are two different dormitories, one of them for the teaching staff and another one for students. “It is an interesting mix of historic colonial buildings right next to these very modern buildings: it gels together,” Norman Chan, a famous Hong Kong architect once said. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both are mostly empty as their occupants have returned home. Those remaining are the ones taking DSE or non-local students – the dormitory

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