Workshop 3: Interviewing Mike Kwok

Y: Yao Dongni M: Mike Y: Though I’m not familiar with games, I know that most of the games have a mission or task you need to do which attracts people. I wonder whether your game also has some those kinds of things? M: Yes, they have something to solve. For my game, I produce different layers of the architecture, and some of them only make sense when you are at a certain angle. And you have to move to these points to find out what I’m trying to tell, what’s the information I’m trying to present to you. In

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Interviewing Finbarr

My question: What inspired you to present your design through film and animation, but not the typical studio format, like making panels of drawings, physical models? What are the differences you can achieve? Finbarr: I think I always had an interest in film but more from… It is the first animated film… There is a certain freedom to working in a virtual world. So, firstly, the main thing to say about the project is narrative driven and it is very much about the different viewpoints which is particularly hard to do through a physical medium, like how do you tell

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