[READING RESPONSE] M. Christine Boyer

Architecture and sci-fi films have similar aims in some sense. They are both artifacts that generate interactions via a physical existence that comes through woolgathering and multiple experiments. However, the difference is that sci-fi films shape the way we investigate the future. They can act as an inspiration to create an utopia from cybercities, which is “the mixture of cyberspace and urban dystopia”. The futuristic and fantasy world do not help us escape from the reality, but to raise reflections on the current problems and help us better understand the reality. In this pandemic time, each of us is building

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[Mood Board] Isolated

I am going to make a documentary video telling about the isolated life a young man has in Shenzhen if the serious situation kept to 2021.  For the purpose of control COVID-19, people who get into Shenzhen will be forced to stay in a room in the hotel. The hotel becomes a ‘prison’ for people in it, the foods from the hotel is delicious and various at the beginning, but as time goes by, the foods in the sight of the young man become different and hard to bear, finally, all the foods seem the same thing for the young

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[Mood Post] Solitude

The idea of solitude is nothing new, but I had always found it fascinating. In the age of information explosion, how should we position ourselves in this chaotic world and not pushed along with everyone else? Sometimes, perhaps the best way is to isolate us from the others, allowing us a moment of peace and relief. To me, entering the state of solitude allows us to reflect, heal, regenerate and to filter out noises from any human activity. Just like water droplets, they separate, recombine and separate again. It is inevitable that we will face times when we need to

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[Mood Board] Virus really the reason or a catalyst for the change of relationship?

I am using allegory as the mainstream. I think the virus more like a catalyst rather than a reason for changing the relationship between family members and society or even international relationships. Many conflicts that we are facing most like this are not because of the virus but the political issue. For instance, which shops to go, colors of the mask, unreliable on government. All those conflicts are most likely not related to the virus but are a catalyst to sharpen all the things. The relationship seems like a broken plate, may not be able to fix it. Cheung Ka

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[Mood Board] Irregulation

Item 14: Address Unknown — The Ink Spot Item 15: One Is the Loneliest Number — Three Dog Night Item 16: Hotel California — The Eagles The mood board described the story I would like to tell from top left to bottom right in a z-shape order. It is about an originally sporty and outgoing teenager being more and more addicted to stay-home lifestyle during quarantine due to a lack of self regulation. I would like to use this story as an allegory to state the importance of self regulation, especially in modern days where entertainments like online games and

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[Mood Board] Revolution our times in epidemic period

The anti-extradition law movement since June 2019 have already developed to full scale anti-government movement. However, due to the Chinese virus outbreak in January 2020, most of the protests were cancelled, yet, some of the Hong Kongers remain their revolutionary mindset and continue the movement in other method. This video essay will be a documentary which describe how Hong Kongers continue to participate social movements during epidemic period. It will cover few aspects like protest of quarantine accommodations, strike of medical staff,  shortage of face masks , support “Yellow economic zone” and social distancing laws for restaurants. Wong Lok Kan

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[Mood Board] Tranquillity

This preliminary mood board is about the theme of my video essay – tranquillity. Under the threat of the global pandemic, we are almost confined in our accommodation. As a result, we begin to care more about the indoor everyday spaces around us. However, we see a shift in our minds and attitudes. The world is slowing down, and so are we. Through the subject of everyday living spaces, I try to show the idea of peace and tranquillity in the video essay as I observe the changes of our living spaces, both notable and subtle. Yu Qi 3035638143

[Mood Board] High-tech city

In the past, people need to use about three months to discover SARS is a coronavirus. Today, scientists only spend three days to find out the DNA sequence of the COVID-19. It shows that our technology grows exponentially. I believe that people already need not to wear a mask outside in 2021, because the vaccines are probably invented and used to save people. Also, the city will become more harmonious as we can see different people help each other during this epidemic. The streets become lively, more shops are open, and everyone has a higher hygiene awareness. For example, there

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    Rebellion presents a dystopian future reality, one where Hong Kong has been completely devoured by the pandemic.  Refusal to follow social distancing regulations and general sanitation results in more cases and more deaths–leaving the city barren.  This allegory  focuses on the power of the individual in society and how one person going against the law can start a trend of rebellion within society.  Alongside the dark dystopian reality in which the allegory is set, an alternative positive reality will be presented as well, to show how the individuals choice has the power to shape their future.    

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[Mood Board] Resumption

  As a result of the epidemic, factories were shut down, schools were closed, and people are working from home. But final year students in senior high schools have to return to schools once the outbreak of virus is under control. After all, they have to face the college entrance examination. This has aroused many concerns. How can the safety of students be guaranteed? How do they maintain social distance in group life? What about their mental health? Will they be worried or stressed out? The video essay will be in the form of a documentary, showing the school collective

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