Slow City – Mall Directed by:LIU Haitian 3035844314 Script: Tianjin, a city with a long history and rich culture, the way of life here is gradually slowing down. During the pandemic, there are no more people in the bustling city center. There are rows and rows of tall buildings and some new fashion elements. Shopping malls, once crowded and noisy, are now soothing and reassuring. A variety of fine jewelry stores, cosmetics stores, goods in full view. And instead of fighting, people walked at their own pace, a throwback to decades ago. Malls, once crowded and noisy, are now reassuring. A variety of

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[Field-Homework 3] Management City

    Title: Management City Site: MTR Passage “MTR passage is a semi-public space with management.” — Initial Analysis Hong Kong is a high-rise and high-density city, facing challenge of the shortage of buildable land and pressure of the rapid urbanization rate. Therefore, underground spaces, such as MTR passage, were developed to support the city life with high-efficiency mobility, mitigating congestion and pursuing high profits. As an increasing number of people rely on the railway system, the MTR passage is a place that people frequently access, connecting the station entrance and train and crossing the paid and free area. Like

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[Video Essay] Disappearing City

  Student ID: 3035855430 Directed By: Seo Jun Ho Site: Corridors, School Corridor in my mind Theme: Disappearing City   Background Information:   How is a small space in a corridor changing constantly?   The corridor could be a passageway for people to go from one place to another. However, it could also be a space for gathering, especially in places like schools. After class, it’s a place where students see and interact with each other. Hence the corridor could be identified as a place of gathering. While the city can be considered a place of meeting outdoors, corridors serve

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[Field-Homework 3] Hybrid City

Title: Hybrid City— Vibrant Life In The Balcony Story board: Director: Ou Yang Jia Qi Editor: Ou Yang Jia Qi Photograph and video provider: Ho Ching Hei Venue provider: Yin’s Family, Ho’s Family Introduction   Hong Kong is a hybrid city. In these highly populated city, according to World Bank (2020) there is 7.482 million people in Hong Kong. In the small city where the developed land is less than 25%( Hong Kong Government, 2022), most of the people are living in an extremely small and crowded space. In this condition, a single space can be developed into multiple usage.

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[Field-Homework 3] Private City

Title: Private City Place: Apartment Director: Hu Junya Background music: Aruarian Dance by Nujabes YouTube link: Theme:  In recent years, privacy has been a key issue in today’s society (Wuyts et al., 2014). With the urban development of society, dwellings in multi-story apartment buildings (MSABs) have increased dramatically as a percentage of the city’s housing stock (Yousif & Aziz, 2021). At the same time, the privacy of an apartment is highly valued by citizens. According to a research conducted by Kennedy et al., there were 60% of residents consider privacy as “important” or “very important”, and 31% considered privacy

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[Video Essay] CONTROL CITY

SITE: DORMITORY Director: LIN Mengfei SCENE: LIN Mengfei SUBTITLE: LIN Mengfei 1. Introduction Inspiration This video is a visual presentation of my real life experiences and reflections to the built environment. The initial inspiration mainly comes from a long period self-quarantine in a small bedroom with a huge window on one wall. After having an interview with my classmates, we shared the feeling of having quarantine in the dormitory. It is slightly lonely and we both realised that we were born to love the outdoors. During the quarantine, we tells the time naturally by looking through windows. Pink morning light shines

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Video essay The influence of epidemic

Director: Liu Yitong scriptwriter: Liu Yitong Footage and photography: Liu Yitong vocals: Liu Yitong Link: Different places will have different attitudes to deal with the covid-19 epidemic. Mainland China chose to both prevent foreign imports and rebound in local, in order to reach dynamic zero. For me, a student who back from Hong Kong to the mainland when the epidemic in Hong Kong was serious, choose to use this video to show the relationship between people and architecture during the epidemic. I choose the Changfeng business district as a filming location for three reasons. First, this is the place where

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[Reading Response: Carl Abbott]

In Science fictions, cities are always migratory. In contrast to Le Corbusier’s proposals for building high rise buildings in fixed placed, migratory cities are movable and flexible, which means they do not have a fixed location. For example, in fiction Armada, cities are built on ships that are connected together and floating on the water. This scenery reminds me of the rising sea level nowadays due to global warming, which has threatened some low-level cities and small islands to vanish from the ground level. This is the issue that our many countries across the world have been working on, developed

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Reading Response: Carl Abbott

The concept of migrant cities is often used in science fiction, where, unlike real cities, science fiction writers imagine them to walk, crawl, roll and float.In science fiction, migratory cities exist in a perceptual bubble, with a self-satisfied narrowness and a distorted world that doesn’t care about the relationship between energy and physics. In snow-piercer, the train is a high-speed, closed loop, hierarchical system that protects people from the natural wind and snow, but they must endure confinement and not freedom. The gluttony of the upper part of the train comes from the extreme poverty of the lower part of

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Reading Response: Carl Abbott

In the reading, several imagined cities were introduced. For example, walking cities can change their position, and the distributed city is network-connected but physically separate. In my view, apart from their elaborate design, what is more important is to understand the solution they provide to the problems in reality. If a city has legs, it can reduce losses by quickly move away when a catastrophe occurs. Furthermore, the distributed city allows people in different places in the world to cooperate more easily, improve work efficiency and speed up the process of globalization. Although most cities in the martial only appear

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