[Reading response] Michel de Certeau

Before reading this article, there were few terms that I was unaware of their differences. Understanding exact meanings and differences between them, it made me think and reflect upon movies that I know and Re-examine the use of these terms as a tool. Place and space. I used to think that these two terms have same meaning, just used at different context. However, the article explains that place is an area with fixed objects and space is area with experience (movement). For example, a city square with buildings is a place but once people experience this place, it becomes a

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[Reading Reflection-Ackbar Abbas]

Whether the city is exorbitant or generic is under debate.  The truth is, cities nowadays are always altering or evolving, their images shifting with development, with their complexities exceeding that of the photographic aspects of cities. The lines between an exorbitant city and a generic one become blurred as we change our perspective: In a global context, cities might become hard to be differentiated as they run on similar systems, thus becoming generic somewhat; it is not until one takes a deeper dive that other elements of cites can be examined.  Without a ‘character’, a city would become generic.  Such

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[Field-Homework 2] Memento

Iris Yeung 3035574531 1.If time could be flow back.  2. When does the green light come on? 3.The temple of Hong Kong, even during coronavirus. 4. It feels like we are the ones who stand alone inside the road, that traffic, people, viruses passing and flowing, they surrounding us, and isolating us. We were so close toward each other, toward our life, until the virus deprives those lively lives and lovely life of us. We are far from each other, far from our life that we couldn’t even control it. It just a drop of oil fall into the water.

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Field-Homework 1 // Healthy Parasite

At Home// Interior to exterior I usually don’t take supplements everyday, but I am now. There is a vase of eucalyptus in every room in our home, because we found out that it could stimulate immune system, and it is aesthetically pleasing. People choose to dine at home instead of eating out, almost every living room is lit up during dinner time. What a heart warming scene. The sun is great during the afternoon, it is motivating to wash and clean your house, washed clothes would dry fast and the sun would kill the germs. And it is my slippers’

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[Field-Homework 1] Stay at home

Space: Room Camera Location: In-between Part I Wide-angle: By using a wide-angle, I showed a high-density population of the city in a limited view, trying to express the high risk of virus widely spread. Zoom: My camera got closer to tell a story of two “persons wearing a mask,” which must be the normality of everyone these days. Focus: I put the focus on the alcohol cotton prepared for every disinfection back from outside.  Crop: By cutting the original picture, I only left this mask in the sunshine for disinfection. Bird’s eye: A high enough perspective gives me a large

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[Field-Homework 1] Absence

Wide-angle: In front of the main entrance of the downtown shopping mall, only a few people came in.  Zoom: A fall-asleep customer with mask was waiting for the take-away drink in front of the shop.  Focus: Waiter with mask and gloves in front of Starbucks was checking the consumer’s temperature and recording.  Crop: A locked door of a bakery shop.  Bird-eyes view: Used-to-be busy shopping center was now neglected, and few people was passing by.  Worm view: Without school, teenagers hang out with friend on weekdays.  First person view: A security guard was standing in front of the shopping mall

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Field trip 2: Central Escalator

The central escalator is full of visual additions, including decorations, signs, advertisements and so on. It shows a complex but amazing mixture of escalator, visual additions and thousands of users. 1. .  No-Smoking Sign /Isolation/differentiation of speeds differentiations of speed The no-smoking signs are in different forms and everywhere. However, once these signs became a part of the environment, passengers would always choose to ignore them. Using the close up shots can help to signify the existence of these signs, since the amounts of them is not match for the attention people paid on it. And the differentiation  of speeds between

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[Field Trip II] Travelling by Tram

One. Filmed in black and white, this video pans from an otherwise ordinary shot of a tram in transit to a crowd of people halting its path. Two. By employing the use of bird’s eye, I was able to frame the shot using the entrance doors to the tram. This video follows a passenger walking through the doors in just a sliver of the frame. As the tram passes through a road, we can see the yellow-box junction reflected on the tram’s surface, creating a symmetrical pattern of the crosses. As the video comes to an end, we can see the tram

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Field trip 2: Central Escalator

Cropped view: Glasses frame The visible phenomenon with respect to the glasses frame is a rewind of human activities outside the crop. The mirroring effect of the glasses lens creates a scene inside a scene.   De-Escalator: Eye-level The eccentric moment of up-and-down in the escalator journey: the central escalator, supposedly a sloped public infrastructure, comprises a sudden downward moment in the journey. This particular junction is a double-lane while the rest of the escalator is single-lane.   Framed view: Rear Window The nostalgia that the policeman 633 derives from watching his flight attendant girlfriend leaving through the rear window

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Field Trip Two – Central Escalators

Activities under the escalator          All: https://youtu.be/N7KRY6hVJiE Camera is static, subjects are dynamic As the central escalator is elevated from the road, the influences of it are not only to the buildings or malls beside but also to space under it. This series of films are trying to show the daily activities that happened under the escalator. The area under the escalator could be divided into three parts: a ramp on the left side for most of the people going up and down, a terrace on the right and a “garden” that could let people sit and have

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