Field Homework 1: After coronous outbreak

1.Wide Angle: The housing estate seems to be empty in this situation 2.Focus: Medical masks are often hanged on the cloth hanger for reuse   3. Zoom: All, including labor workers, are wearing masks when going out 4.Crop: Even though people need to go out to buy necessities such as food and vegetables 5.Bird’s eye: The city seem to be empty 6.Worm’s eye: Although there are different clothing for winter, we seldom have to wear them 7.First-person view: Going outside is always a hard procedure 8.Skew angle: Old memories have been awakened in such a time 9.Perspective: Memorable spaces have

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[Field-homework 1] Desire

I choose my study place(,which is in my bedroom) View frame: unmanned streets outside the window   Zoom: frame of the half-opened window Worm’s eye: Desk with learning equipment Focus: used facial tissue 🙂 Chiaroscuro: inside and outside the window The fear of virus contagion force everybody to stay at home. And it has been a long time without going outside, which cause anxiety. In my photograph, I take the window as a barrier, using curtain to make chiaroscuro. I change the contrast of photo, making shade inside and brightness outside, to express the desire of going outside. However, since

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[Field-Homework 1] Home Paradis, Living Life

Bryan Wong 3035574983 LIVING ROOM : Interior to Exterior    Technique Description: (Focus) The use of  “focus” directs the viewers/ audience attention to the obvious subject, for this case, the sanitisers and wet tissues. With the severe outbreak of COVID 19, hygiene have been high key important to our daily life, the use of “focus” highlights these substances that helps us go through this period of time, as well, with the help of lightings, the objects isolates itself from the dark background, so in a way, accompanied by the help of contrast lightings, the health crisis idea if well emphasised

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[Field-Homework 1] On A Footbridge

Duan Yipeng 3035660146   Wide Angle: The wide angle shot reveals a common footbridge that is emptier than usual during the virus outbreak.   Zoom: The camera is zoomed in on a cleaning lady in a mask, who is among the minority of people still working during the pandemic.   Focus: The focus is on the handle of the footbridge in the foreground, while in the background is the blurry figure of a delivery man.   Crop: The photo crops out most of the footbridge, and leaves in its center the figure of a masked delivery man getting on his

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[Field-Homework 1] City Under Siege of Virus

[Field-Homework 1] City Under Siege of Virus Lau Chun Ho Darren UID: 3035708819 1. Wide-angle Two cruises still haven’t docked in the cruise terminal since the immigration operations had been suspended. 2. Zoom The windowsill was jam-packed with toilet paper rolls. 3. Focus Clothes were hung outside, allowing sunlight to kill the bacteria on the surface. 4. Crop Surgical masks and hand sanitizer have become the must-have necessity among every household. 5. Bird’s eye / aerial HKTV Mall truck was delivering products to household. 6. Worm’s eye Outside the kitchen, the exhaust fan is pervaded with dust particles and greasy

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