Rebellion presents a dystopian future reality, one where Hong Kong has been completely devoured by the pandemic.  Refusal to follow social distancing regulations and general sanitation results in more cases and more deaths–leaving the city barren.  This allegory  focuses on the power of the individual in society and how one person going against the law can start a trend of rebellion within society.  Alongside the dark dystopian reality in which the allegory is set, an alternative positive reality will be presented as well, to show how the individuals choice has the power to shape their future.    

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The extract taken from William Tsuitsui’s Noir Urbanism reflects upon the popularity of “annihilation fantasies” in Japanese culture.  Stemming from the nations susceptibility to catastrophe, Japan has refocused their feelings of vulnerability, animosity and fear into their visual culture.  A part of the text which I thought really reflects Tsuitsui’s analysis was his mentioning of Godzilla or Gojira.  Having never watched the movie due to my own lack of interest in monster films, his detailed analysis of the social and political relevance of the film made me want to watch it.  Tsuitsui draws connections between the monster’ attacks on Tokyo



Although Michel de Certeau’s “The Practice of Everyday Life” was initially quite difficult to interpret, there were some aspects, upon further investigation, that I believe really encapsulated the overall message he attempted to convey.  His focus on the distinctions between space and place and his notion that “Stories thus carry out a labor that constantly transforms places into spaces or spaces into places.” was particularly intriguing.  De Certeau shows how an individuals narration can help to define a space or place and that these two are actually quite interchangeable and fluid (which is previously through his representation of existence and


In Spatial Stories, Certeau considers everyday life as a narrative story, everyday space as a location, a stage of the story. “Every story is a travel story—- a spatial practice. ” Admittedly, there are many spatial practices run through a story, either in physical or ideological forms. Thus, Certeau distinguishes the two nouns that are “space” and “place”. To simplify, “place” as “geometrical space”( Merleau-Ponty, as cited in Certeau), it is related to the objective existence. While “space” refers to the experience of sites, it is more a sense than a matter, on which travelling and moving converge. As for

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1. CAMERA IS STATIC, SUBJECTS ARE DYNAMIC: The roads grow emptier and emptier each day. 2.FIRST PERSON VIEW: I seek some time alone, looking back at how far I’ve come from home. 3. CROPPED: Waves crashing into the pier. 4.CAMERA IS PANNING, SUBJECT IS STATIC: How I wish that I could be on the other side. 5.DIFFERENTIATION OF SPEEDS: Despite the growing panic, a habitat never ends.  

Reading Response: Ackbar Abbas

The reading I’m mainly responding to is “Hong Kong: Culture and the politics of disappearance” written by Abbas. In this reading, Abbas has used various ideas and a few examples to show the anxiety to disappearance in current Hong Kong’s built environment as well as culture and politics. Hong Kong’s building environment is complex, it builds itself on a very unique historical context, containing from the traditional fishing village and small towns, colonial buildings to financial high-rises and shopping malls. In the tutorial, our tutor mentioned one of the reasons for putting Hong Kong into a state of constant disappearance

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Field-Homework 1 // Healthy Parasite

At Home// Interior to exterior I usually don’t take supplements everyday, but I am now. There is a vase of eucalyptus in every room in our home, because we found out that it could stimulate immune system, and it is aesthetically pleasing. People choose to dine at home instead of eating out, almost every living room is lit up during dinner time. What a heart warming scene. The sun is great during the afternoon, it is motivating to wash and clean your house, washed clothes would dry fast and the sun would kill the germs. And it is my slippers’

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[Field-Homework 1] Quarantine

    Title: Quarantine | Space: Study | Camera Location: In-between   Wide-angle An unusual amount of lights seen on a Saturday evening   Zoom 76.9~81.4 vol%, I think we are good to go   Focus Value of a piece of paper-like plastic   Crop The social media transmutation   Aerial The high-density Saturday garage   Worm’s eye Self-entertainment   First person view Ready to go   Skewed-angle Tilted by life   Perspective The view you get when the curtains’ down   View frame Bridge of communication   Chiaroscuro The fine line of lay and wake   Seriality The changes

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[Field-Homework 1] Absence

Wide-angle: In front of the main entrance of the downtown shopping mall, only a few people came in.  Zoom: A fall-asleep customer with mask was waiting for the take-away drink in front of the shop.  Focus: Waiter with mask and gloves in front of Starbucks was checking the consumer’s temperature and recording.  Crop: A locked door of a bakery shop.  Bird-eyes view: Used-to-be busy shopping center was now neglected, and few people was passing by.  Worm view: Without school, teenagers hang out with friend on weekdays.  First person view: A security guard was standing in front of the shopping mall

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[Field-homework 1] Desire

I choose my study place(,which is in my bedroom) View frame: unmanned streets outside the window   Zoom: frame of the half-opened window Worm’s eye: Desk with learning equipment Focus: used facial tissue 🙂 Chiaroscuro: inside and outside the window The fear of virus contagion force everybody to stay at home. And it has been a long time without going outside, which cause anxiety. In my photograph, I take the window as a barrier, using curtain to make chiaroscuro. I change the contrast of photo, making shade inside and brightness outside, to express the desire of going outside. However, since

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