[Field Report] Young and Dangerous

Greetings to everyone. This report will be about the movie Young and Dangerous. We’ve all dreamed of being a gangster, haven’t we? No matter it is from watching related movies, or films or just knowing them in daily life. I must admit, watching the thrilling scenes of the gangsters in movies does give me goosebumps. Young and Dangerous, as introduced later, is one of the movies you will be looking for when it comes to audacious, ferocious crime excitement. Furthermore, this movie manifested Hong Kong’s architecture which I will introduce later is what makes this movie a classic of the

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[Field Report] The Mad World

The Mad World is a film based on a news story directed by Wong Chun in 2016. The film only took two weeks to shoot, spent only HK$2 million, and won the First Hong Kong Feature Film Initiatives. In an attempt to arouse the public’s attention towards mentally disordered people, the film shows, from the perspective of a former psychopath patient, how hard it is for them to re-enter society no matter how normal they are and how many efforts they’ve made.   The movie started with the discharge of Ah Tung, a bipolar disorder patient who was sentenced to

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[Field Report] Young and Dangerous

Good afternoon! Hi there and thanks for checking out our podcast. I’m Ting, and I am Hazel. We are going to talk about the film “young and dangerous,” which was shot by Andrew Lau and based on a popular comic book series “Teddy boy” in 1996. He depicted the nineties gang life of Hong Kong, where the protagonist Chen Haonan was expelled after being duped by the antagonist Kun into sleeping with his best friend’s girl. Kun then kills Haonan’s father figure, brother Bee, seizes control of the gang and publicly humiliates Haonan at Bee’s funeral. The climax of the

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[Field Report] As Tears Go By (1988) by Wong Kar-Wai

1.. 中僑國貨 Chung Kiu Commercial Building in MONG KOK 2. Tung Tin Cafe 3. Tong Cai, Sai Ying Choi in MONG KOK  4. 貝澳 PUI O IN LANTAU ISLAND   5. Interior of the Protagonist’s house Link to the Audio Podcast & Transcript: Field Work Report   Field Report Transcript Film: As Tears Go By (1988) by Wong Kar-Wai E: Hi! And welcome to our podcast looking at the sites and architecture in the film As Tears Go By by Wong Kar-Wai. My name is Elinor- J: And my name is Judy, and of particular interest to us was the contrasting

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[Field Report] Johnny English Reborn (2011)

Intro: Martin: Today, we are gonna examine the film we selected, Johnny English, which is filmed in 2011. We select this film not only because we are fans of Rowan Atkinson, the main actor of Johnny English, but also how the production team shot the film, I have never seen a movie that is making me feel like it’s funny and making me nervous at the same time  So why don’t we jump right into it?   Question: Could you please break down a bit for the audience of what the story is about Dave: so, we’re going to divide

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[Field Report] City Of Glass (1998)

    #Introduction: Welcome to You Zhou and Minwoo’s field trip report. Today, we are going to talk about a film which is called “City of Glass”. To start the report, we should make a general introduction about this film. This film shows a struggling love story between a man and a woman. Their love story begins at the period of their university life. Specifically, their university was the University of Hong Kong. Because this film was taken in HKU, the film seemed very familiar from our point of view. #Architecture related to the film: 1: Lady Ho Tung Hall

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[Field Report] Still Human (2018)

Yu Ko Chieh Joshua (3035934157) and Lu Yi Bin John (3035951973) Video link to podcast: Script: JY: Good morning good afternoon good evening, everyone! I am Joshua. JL: And I am John JY: Today we are going to introduce a really good film directed by Oliver Chan in 2018, “STILL HUMAN”. Although the genre is being categorised as a comedic drama, I personal think it is more of a romantic and touching story. The film acted as a critic towards the current social context, raising people’s awareness towards Southeast Asian Helpers and Disabled people in our society. The urban spaces

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[Field Report] Love in a puff

field trip.mov Love in a puff is a film that takes place in 2009 in Hong Kong when January 1, 2007, Hong Kong has implemented a total ban on smoking indoors, forcing smokers to move from their offices to the back alleys to smoke. Since then, smokers from different backgrounds and professions have opened up a special place to gossip and chat and make friends in the back alleys. This begins an unpredictable and ambiguous relationship between Cherie and Jimmy. They fall in love with each other although Cherie has a boyfriend. They often met in the street to smoke

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[Field Report] The Way We Are (2008)

Synopsis: The Way We Are is a film directed by Ann Hui and released in 2008. It illustrates the story of a hardworking, optimistic, widowed mother, her son, and their neighbour Granny, all living in the troubled housing estate of Tin Shui Wai. In our podcast, we discuss the architecture, the shooting techniques and some specific scenes in this film as well as the real Tin Shui Wai.   Script: B: Hello, everyone. Welcome to our podcast on architecture and film. We’re the hosts today. I’m Beryl. K: I’m Kira. Today we will talk about the film The Way We

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[Field Report] Police Story

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IDkcyW52655eKbKavbW5779qhId0Jr5I/view?usp=sharing The movie titled “Police Story,” which was released in 1985 is a Hong Kong action comedy crime film created by and starring Jackie Chan. It is known for its highly dangerous but one of the best stunts.  What is interesting is that this film was not written the way normal Hollywood screenwriters work. Instead of relying on the creativity of the screenwriters to create the plot elements of a film, this film: the police story, was structured around a list of props and locations, such as a shopping mall,  village,  bus, and more. Through this, the film was able

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