Field Homework 2: Bus stop, never stop

1. Stable Camera: Life after the outbreak of the corona virus is like waiting for a bus at a bus stop. You will never know when will the hope come, neither when will things get better. 2.Moving Camera: Everything seems to be unstable at this time. We are undergoing a never-ending unrest. 3.Slow Motion: We see the hope come, but it’s slow and gradual. We are unsure whether the situation is better or not. 4.Framing: The world is set behind a glass wall. Everything seems to be remote but close, real but illusory. 5.Special Location of Camera: We are hiding

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[Field-Homework 2] modern loneliness

Camera is static, subject/s is/are dynamic :  Try to fill our emptyness with the swings. 2. first person view: How can we spend time without friends. 3. differentiation of speed: different people have their own pace of living. 4. camera at odd position: the time spending in the playground is the best gift for childen 5. slow motion: what would happen when people act slowly in their fast pace of life? chan yuet mikayla UID:3035707334

[Fidle-Homework2] emptyness caused by Covid19

Those cafe is empty due to the affect of Covid19. People prefer to stay at home and does not meet other people in cafe, which is different from situation before Covid19 It is hard to see the cars on the carpark nearby cafe. Many people are scared to go out and ther are only one car left. This is one of the famous diner, and there are few people eating the food. Most of the sit was empty. Covid has huge negative impact on the economy. It is hard to see people drinking and talking in outside of the building.

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Field Homework 2: The Bridge

Field Homework 2: The Bridge Top View Looking from the top, a bus awaits for pedestrians to cross the road but they do not complete the way.   Car Pan The car reversed back into the bridge at a high speed, into the darkness and back to the light.   Car Zoom Cars weave under the bride as pedestrians await for the light to pass through. A train also goes on the bridge but isolated from the rest of the subjects.   Cross Cross visual and noises create this busy environment under this bridge. Bush View Taken from a lower

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[FIELD-HOMEWORK 2] Peace in Irony

1.Camera is static, subject/s is/are dynamic 2. Camera at odd location 3. Slow motion 4. Camera is tracking/panning, subject/s is/are static 5. Crop   You can see that in 3, the slow motion was used before there was a transition in a new view. The slowed motion creates tension as to what may come next in screen, and also work as a partition of one part of the video to another. In the first part, the focus is on the phone screen and it being put on the lap. The slow motion takes place when the view point is moving

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[Field-Homework 2] Supermarket Visit

Video 1 This first video is a Static Shot of the interior of a Tesco Supermarket in Seri Tanjung, Penang. Business is bumbling as usual in this part of Asia, many people still walk around the city without wearing a surgical mask.   Video 2 This next video has Static Shots of the supermarket’s payment cashier from the perspective of a customer and a Wide shot of everyone who is in the waiting line. There are still many people buying toilet paper and other hygiene-related products as there is still stock in Malaysia.   Video 3 This third video documents

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1. CAMERA IS STATIC, SUBJECTS ARE DYNAMIC: The roads grow emptier and emptier each day. 2.FIRST PERSON VIEW: I seek some time alone, looking back at how far I’ve come from home. 3. CROPPED: Waves crashing into the pier. 4.CAMERA IS PANNING, SUBJECT IS STATIC: How I wish that I could be on the other side. 5.DIFFERENTIATION OF SPEEDS: Despite the growing panic, a habitat never ends.  

[Field-Homework 2] Empty tram

It’s a panned view of the empty tram before I get on it. 2) It’s vertical shift angle when I go upstairs and nobody there. 3. I used forward track angle to show the emptiness of the tram space. 4. Framing by the tram window, to show emptiness of the street from tram interior. I capture the dynamic view of a tram in rush hours, the street and tram seems much less people. The third video is used forward track angle to move the shot while the tram was steady. When the cmaera is moving forward, it captures most of

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[Field-Homework 2] Safety-Tactics

The subject structure of the post is the apartment building (rooms, halls are featured). (static camera, unexpected location). The room(in the apartment) is indeed safer than outside. But a mask is required to go out from the place. 2. (POV/first-person) Private rooms are full of sanitary goods that can save people from virus infection. 3. (POV/first-person) Even the public section of the building provides sanitary services for visitors. 4. (panning camera, dynamic subject, cropping) The place is still under impact of the disease, so not much movement from people. 5. (static camera, time-lapse) People seems to mostly stay in room

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[Field-Homework 2] Slow Pace of Modern Life

1.Camera is tracking, subject is static. / Despite sparsely populated passengers, the Shanghai Ferry stays still. 2.Camera is static, subject is dynamic. / Only one. 3.Cropping. / The mirror of nature reflects a subtle space of imagination. 4.Differentiation of speeds. / A sigh of relief. When the staff tried to scan the passenger’s hand with the equipment to ensure safety, slow motion is used to emphasize the tension by creating a sense of solidified atmosphere. With the red light popping, a symbol of approval, everything was back to normal. 5.Quick motion. / Decreased traffic flow.       Chan Ue

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