[Field-Homework 3] Under coronavirus, a matter of History and ethnic with behavior

The coronavirus has spread from China to overseas, after the first outbreak of disease in Italy, Europe, America and the Latin American countries have an exponential growth in patient. Compare to the outbreak countries, there are better disease containment in Hong Kong and Singapore constrain the number of growths. Through film and the different housing environment, enclosed public space and open area with different perspectives, can discovered how political, economic, cultural ideology and architectural environment interact and impact on person leading to different social behaviour. The linkages of idea using mind map, with the aid of photos, newspapers and film

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synopsis: With the outbreak of corona virus in China, many asians are ringing the alarm about the potential of discrimination in the western countries. The situation becomes even worse especially when they are wearing a mask to protect themselves. Hence, i would like to grap this opportunity of making this documentary in reflecting their everyday life under corona virus.  In the storyboard, an asian wearing a mask will be experiencing her normal life, going to work by the underground. She will come across the discrimination from the westerners because of her nationality and mask.   chan yuet mikayla UID: 3035707334

[Field-Homework 3] Limited Stock

Documentary Name: Limited Stock   Storyboard   Concept Board   Description: I wanted to give the viewer a sense of the space whilst emphasizing the idea of isolation and panic. I used a lot of first-person perspective shots, mostly wide enough to fit a lot of visual information into the frame. Frames five and six, which are the middle two scenes are the most important, as they visually show the disappearance of necessities and the ‘Limited Stock’. The rush of the bustling supermarket goers was presented by spending more time in the more populated areas of the supermarket and the

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Documentary Title: People Over Time Synopsis: Focusing on the Hong Kong working class in the midst of a global pandemic.  Although there are growing needs for isolation and self quarantine measures, there are simply some who cannot afford for their lives to come to a standstill.  ‘People Over Time’ focuses quite literally on the amount of people seen over time.  Rush Hour’s in the morning and the evening see the largest influxes of travellers in the MTR stations, so I decided to travel into Hong Kong side to witness how many people still choose to or are forced to go


[Field-Homework 3] Hit-Hard in Tourism

Storyboard: https://app.conceptboard.com/board/hoyx-m7bb-3iq1-fs35-eg32 Synopsis: Since the breakout of the contagious coronavirus, the number of tourists drops rapidly in Hong Kong. Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) recorded its third-worst month ever, in February 2020, since its opening in 1998. Controlling the flow of people is a strategy to slow down the spread of the virus. All cross-boundary land transport and ferry transfer services for passengers from the airport to Mainland China have been suspended until further notice. An array of tourist attractions is closed to prevent the spread of communicable disease. Some shops were closed due to the rapid decline in tourists.

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[Field-Homework 3] What Should We Do

RPReplay-Final1584374157 Sypnosis: The Wuhan coronavirus has been affecting the entire planet in a few months of time. It is one of the fastest spreading pathogens in this century so far. Given this situation, it would make sense for me to raise the question: What Should We Do?– the title of this documentary. I raise this question because a lot of people are terrified by the disease. However, is it true that we can just sit here and have no way in protecting ourselves? No. At least, there are two directions we can do. One, prevent being infected; and two, strengthen

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[Field Homework 3] Time Flies…

Synopsis: The concept of this documentary is to show the change in society in the perspective of the person inside the epidemic. Using the apartment as the main place, it is available to see through the lifestyle of the protagonist. Also position and status of the furniture inside the room explains the situation furthermore. The inside-out projection from the room thoroughly represents the city. Viewers will be able to see what clearly happens in the city. The loop-like structure at the end raises caution: corona-virus can spread wide in short time. Storyboard: [Field Homework 3] Time Flies… Bibliography: Wojcik, P.

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[Field-Homework 3] Having Dinner Outside

Synopsis: The video shows the experience of having dinner outside in Hong Kong during the special time of the virus. It needs more preparations to go out than normal days as people should be responsible for their own and others’ health. Wearing masks, clean hands by alcoholic liquid soap and keep a distance from each other. Not only individuals but the restaurants are also doing something to help protect society. Some precaution has been down to help the safety and attract customers, we can also see business intelligence from the restaurants.   References: De Certeau, M. (1984). “Walking in the

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[Field homework 3] Distances

Title: Distances Synopsis: With the outbreak of the coronavirus, it’s not hard to notice what measures people are taking to keep themselves from infection, perhaps the most prominent ones being quarantine, isolation, and social distancing. “Distance” is a recurring theme in the timeline of the viral outbreak: be it the proximity between the coastal metropolis and ground zero of the outbreak, or the physical and emotional gaps between people nowadays, kept consciously or subconsciously in the paranoia from the pandemic. The documentary looks through the lens of a student in his daily routine under the ongoing pandemic, and explores the

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