[Field Homework 3] Time Flies…


The concept of this documentary is to show the change in society in the perspective of the person inside the epidemic. Using the apartment as the main place, it is available to see through the lifestyle of the protagonist. Also position and status of the furniture inside the room explains the situation furthermore. The inside-out projection from the room thoroughly represents the city. Viewers will be able to see what clearly happens in the city. The loop-like structure at the end raises caution: corona-virus can spread wide in short time.

Storyboard: [Field Homework 3] Time Flies…


Wojcik, P. R. (2018). What Makes the Apartment Complex? In Urban Living and Global Screen Cultures (pp. 1-20), edited by Wojcik, P. R. Durham: Duke University Press.

The Diplomat  (March 06, 2020) South Korea Grapples With Mask Shortage Amid COVID-19 Outbreak:  (Retrieved at March 15th from) https://thediplomat.com/2020/03/south-korea-grapples-with-mask-shortage-amid-covid-19-outbreak/\

Taeyeon Lee (3035178096)

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  1. Annie Lye says:

    Appreciate that you focused on the apartment as an infrastructure space. The narration and presentation of your storyboard is clear, composition is thought out and demonstrates that you are already thinking in spatial terms. Missing one more bibliography!


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