[Field-Homework 3] What Should We Do


Sypnosis: The Wuhan coronavirus has been affecting the entire planet in a few months of time. It is one of the fastest spreading pathogens in this century so far. Given this situation, it would make sense for me to raise the question: What Should We Do?– the title of this documentary. I raise this question because a lot of people are terrified by the disease. However, is it true that we can just sit here and have no way in protecting ourselves? No. At least, there are two directions we can do. One, prevent being infected; and two, strengthen our immunity so that we would be able to defend against the virus if we are infected. It is our responsibility to know how to protect ourselves and our family, as well as to know how to give a helping hand in building a Hong Kong with better public health so as to decrease our susceptibility to community outbreak.


1. Interview clip with Dr. Hui Shu Cheong: <https://www.hkmms.org.hk/en/sars-oral-history-archive/interview-1/>

2. How to Boost Your Immune System During the Coronavirus Outbreak written by Entrepreneur: <https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/347457>

3. Can Pneumonia Be Contagious? by Healthline.com: <https://www.healthline.com/health/is-pneumonia-contagious>


NAME: Wong Wai Ching

UID: 3035696004

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  1. Annie Lye says:

    You have satisfied everything asked for in the assignment brief and delivered in a clear manner. To further this topic of “heightened hygiene awareness/precautionary measures,” it would be useful for the documentary to offer another layer of insight to the research that you have done.


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