[Field-Homework 3] Hit-Hard in Tourism

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Since the breakout of the contagious coronavirus, the number of tourists drops rapidly in Hong Kong. Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) recorded its third-worst month ever, in February 2020, since its opening in 1998. Controlling the flow of people is a strategy to slow down the spread of the virus. All cross-boundary land transport and ferry transfer services for passengers from the airport to Mainland China have been suspended until further notice. An array of tourist attractions is closed to prevent the spread of communicable disease. Some shops were closed due to the rapid decline in tourists.

Seriality – Airport 

Bird’s eye/aerial: Before 

Perspective: Now

Crop: Cross-boundary land transport and ferry transfer service

View Frame: Body temperature checks


Theme Park under the Virus

Focus: Disneyland

First person view: Ocean Park


Seriality – Shopping Mall in Tung Chung (Citygate)

Wide-angle: Before

Chiaroscuro/Contrast: Now 


Crop – Shuttered shops


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Chow, Wai Yin / 3035695426

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  1. Annie Lye says:

    Appreciate that you examined a range of tourist-related infrastructures for your chosen concept. The storyboard is clearly outlined and the research is well-founded. Good list of bibliography references of newspaper articles. Did you do the sketch drawing?


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