[Reading Response: Michel de Certeau]

In this article, de Certeau gives us definitions and comparisons between ‘space’ and ‘place’ as well as ‘map’ and ‘tour’. It noted that place is describing the order of elements that are distributed in relationships of coexistence, while space is consist of movements of mobile elements. Deeper, space is a practiced place, giving me a new view of ‘existence is spatial’. I was wondering why would these connect to tour and map? Actually, similarities could be found in distinguishing ‘map’ and ‘tour’, the tour includes the interactions with live beings, such as ‘you turn left’ and ‘you’ll see’ compared with

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[Reading Response: Ackbar Abbas]

Chapter 4: Buildings on Disappearance: Hong Kong Architecture and Colonial Space At the beginning and the end of the chapter, Abbas references and quotes Walter Benjamin, firstly, “In the convulsions of the commodity economy we begin to recognise the monuments of the bourgeoisie as ruins even before they have crumbled.” (p. 64) Then, “To paraphrase Walter Benjamin, architecture would be in ruins even when-especially when-the monuments that make it up have not crumbled.” (p. 90) I think that these references represent Abbas’ critical opinion on the Architecture in Modern times and meaning of space and place. Although Hong Kong has had

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