[Field-Homework 3] Having Dinner Outside


The video shows the experience of having dinner outside in Hong Kong during the special time of the virus. It needs more preparations to go out than normal days as people should be responsible for their own and others’ health. Wearing masks, clean hands by alcoholic liquid soap and keep a distance from each other. Not only individuals but the restaurants are also doing something to help protect society. Some precaution has been down to help the safety and attract customers, we can also see business intelligence from the restaurants.



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  1. Annie Lye says:

    An entertaining narrative! Appreciate that you have thought through the actions, locations, storyline and techniques required at each stage of this “dining out” journey. To further this, consider adding to your overall research and the bibliography list in finding articles / journals / publications that discuss new social-interactions during covid-19, specifically what the new normal social etiquette of eating out is like nowadays given that this is your main theme. Consider how you can be more critical about this storyline. What new knowledge / insights do you want audiences to know?


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