[Field-Homework 3] Limited Stock

Documentary Name: Limited Stock




Concept Board



I wanted to give the viewer a sense of the space whilst emphasizing the idea of isolation and panic. I used a lot of first-person perspective shots, mostly wide enough to fit a lot of visual information into the frame. Frames five and six, which are the middle two scenes are the most important, as they visually show the disappearance of necessities and the ‘Limited Stock’. The rush of the bustling supermarket goers was presented by spending more time in the more populated areas of the supermarket and the cashier area. The aerial shot of the cashier stands present the cyclical idea of day to day life and it being stopped due to the limitation of necessities. The last shot of the storyboard, shows a security guard fast asleep at his post outside the entrance to the building next to the underground carpark.


Kuang Yi Chin


1 thought on “[Field-Homework 3] Limited Stock

  1. Annie Lye says:

    Appreciate that you went onto continue this concept into your final assignment. This storyboard demonstrates a strong sense of spatial awareness and is presented with excellent clarity. There is a good sense of narrative conceptualization, use of techniques and mise-en-scene.


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