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Tianjin, a city with a long history and rich culture, the way of life here is gradually slowing down.
During the pandemic, there are no more people in the bustling city center. There are rows and rows of tall buildings and some new fashion elements.
Shopping malls, once crowded and noisy, are now soothing and reassuring. A variety of fine jewelry stores, cosmetics stores, goods in full view. And instead of fighting, people walked at their own pace, a throwback to decades ago.
Malls, once crowded and noisy, are now reassuring. A variety of fine jewellery stores, cosmetics stores.
department stores that offered “vast arrays of goods in an elegant atmosphere”.
A new flower shop has opened in the mall’s central lobby, the main attraction for customers. The colorful flowers are pleasing to the eye and refreshing to the mind.
Shops on many floors sell exquisite ornaments or dried flowers, where people linger and enjoy the slow pace of life.
The atmosphere of the mall is slow and comfortable.
In the entertainment area, there are some private cinemas and video game area.
There are a variety of restaurants for people to choose from, and they can enjoy delicious food while shopping in the mall.
When it comes to shopping malls, we must first think of consumption, money and interests. But now in this era, shopping malls are also temperature, multivariate, gradually slowed down the pace.
All kinds of exquisite and warm small shops, implying the slow pace of this era.
The epidemic is a double-edged sword, which makes this impetuous era gradually enter the slow city era.

Theme and subject matter:
What I have shown in this video is the situation of shopping malls in Tianjin. The theme is Slow City. The epidemic has forced people’s impetuous life to slow down.The epidemic situation in Tianjin is not serious, so I chose the shopping mall in downtown Tianjin to take photos and observe and record.People began to change their lifestyle and pace of life. Shopping malls are the same, after slowing down, people can gradually find the original happiness and warmth.Shopping malls are no longer just luxury stores, flower shops, toy shops, exquisite trinket shops and other warm and unusual stores. Consumption patterns are also becoming more rational and emotional.The mall is no longer crowded, no longer crowded, but everyone according to their own favourite pace to slow down the original hurry. The streets are no longer busy with cars and sirens, and people are enjoying the slow pace of life.

Method of conducting the research and producing the video:
I first learned about the characteristics of slow city mode, such as vehicle speed limit, population limit, horn limit, light limit and so on. Then I read the literature to understand the impact of the epidemic on people’s life patterns and consumption patterns. When I came to the shopping mall in downtown Tianjin to take photos, I found that the flow of people was really small, and people’s shopping pattern had become slow indeed, and the structure and configuration of the shop had also changed greatly. The overall trend is slow – paced.
I used a stable mobile phone to shoot important parts of the mall to show the shop structure and layout of the mall in the current period. The photos show the slow pace and freewheeling mode of shopping.The shooting mode allows users to display dynamic effects from left to right, right to left and bottom to top, avoiding visual fatigue of the audience and conveying theme information more intuitively to the viewers
When photographing the interior Spaces, I didn’t sort them in order of records, but grouped them according to the themes I needed to express. The first part is to show the existing jewelry stores and luxury stores, and then transfer to different places in the mall through the change of people’s shopping mode, such as exquisite jewelry stores, flower stores, toy stores and so on, so as to deepen the audience’s feeling of slow rhythm.

“At first, no one cared about a disaster — a wildfire, a drought, the extinction of a species, the loss of a city — until it touched everyone.”—LIU Xinci
Slowing down is the essence of life. Will know, the original life but such, three meals a day, four seasons.What makes it really hard to stop and enjoy life is the contradiction of the heart, the unfreedom of the heart, the direction of the heart.Calm has always been the most precious wealth, but most people don’t. In fact, they are the ultimate “appearance” of Happiness.
People in the past may be addicted to the pursuit of luxury goods, the shopping spree of big brands, the pursuit of money and vanity. But after the pandemic, people are more able to find some beauty that they didn’t notice before. These beauties could be a few flowers in a flower shop at the mall, or toys in a toy shop, reminding people of their childhood


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  1. Jen Lam says:

    You have made a comprehensive introduction to the mall. I wonder why you would like to focus on one mall, as it looks like the sample size of your research is small. I see that you have looked into what slow city means, but it is not extensively elaborated with your reference in the text. Plus, the technique you filmed the video could better display the slowness, for example, how do you contrast the pace of the city before and during covid? Could you have used some long takes to observe the slow movements occurring in the mall instead of filming it while walking? Lastly, you are reminded to do proper citations for your references.


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