Reading Response: Ackbar Abbas AND Giuliano Bruno

Ackbar‘s text stated that disappearance is not only about physical disappearance, but also changing its social meanings. Flagstaff House introduces is an old British military building is preserved physically, but the space inside has changed into a tea museum, this changes the human activities and experience.  The feeling of formal and private originally created by the architecture has disappeared and changed to a public space for leisure.  This is where film takes its essential place to records the change of the relationship of the people and architecture by times. Giuliano’s text introduces me to the purpose of a film of

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Based on the film Empire by Andy Warhol, I come up with a question, ‘If a film that stimulates the reality, intends to engaging audience into the atmosphere, why it lasts such long time? Why can’t the film only last 1 hour that contains the flash the Empire lights up?’ The answer maybe reel vs real. As Bruno says, ‘they are cinematic ‘meditations’ on real matters. Real performances, they look at how reality itself matters.’ Warhol subverted the traditional film form. Empire can be a kind of anti-film, or, it expanded the range of film. It is more than ‘take