[Lecture 9] Group 4

Breakout Room 4 Chosen Film – Tomb Raider The last few seconds of the clip portrays a stark contrast in a global city between the developed and less developed parts by having the foreground be the fish market while containing a backdrop of the Hong Kong skyscrapers. The clip also begins with a pan over central and its skyscrapers but then cuts to Lara Croft on a taxi stepping out onto a completely different environment. A contrast between the modern and traditional. We also noted that the way the taxi is being driven is indicative of the environment its in

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[Workshop 1] Q&A with Second Chan – Q33

From Wu Shuang Skyler : I’m interested in how you choose elements to represent Wuhan. Which part of Shenzhen in the movie can be reserved and which part must be reduced and reconstructed entirely by you filmmakers? It seems that big cities tend to be more identical today…Are there some interesting difference between the two cities? How are those differences related to people’s different life/lifestyles? Thank you!