[Video Essay] Management City

  Title: Management city — The blood vessel of Beijing Site: Sidewalks(Beijing, China) Facing a problematic COVID situation, Beijing is taking strict COVID control. Several spaces are locked down. People lost access to buildings and sites they used to. However, the demand for entertainment, communication, living even medical treatment remains. Hence, a place always ignored, sidewalks become a vital role for the city management under COVID. Research background and Analysis   Being the capital of China, Beijing has become one of the largest metropolises worldwide. With a population of more than 20,000,000, proper use of sidewalks is a must in

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Reading Response: Joseph Rosa

At the end of 20th century, modern domestic architectures are always related to fear, evilness and other negative issues in films (Rosa 2000, 159-167).  By contrast, when modernism first appeared, people hold a much warmer attitude. This may related to the development of high technology and their influence on people. During second industrial revolution, when the concept of modernism was first promoted, life was flourished by those dramatic changes. Contact across the ocean, convenient trips around the world, cars became accessible for middle-class family. Modernism meant a better future. However, the cold war makes people be aware of how dangerous

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THE LAST EMPEROR, Bernardo Bertolucci (1987)            The Forbidden City, Beijing Puyi sits in the Hall of Harmony, the main building of the Forbidden City, surrounded by his courtiers.    Columbia Pictures released The Last Emperor in November 1987. The film retells the life of Puyi, who is the last emperor of China.1 It tells the life of Puyi. Appointed as the emperor of China at the age of three, puyi had his childhood as the last emperor of China. When the republic was founded, he lost his authority and was exiled from the Forbidden City. However,


Reading Response: Ackbar Abbas

This part talks about the spirit of Hong Kong buildings. As an international metropolis in China, Hong Kong combines Chinese culture and western features with its own local culture. Many newly built buildings show the most cutting-edge design, but they abandoned the unique features of Hong Kong. The author is also concerned that Hong Kong may lose its unique feature after returning. This book was written in 1997 when Hong Kong returned. The author is a former professor at HKU. Hong Kong was one of the most developed cities, while China was getting more and more influential worldwide. Hence, how

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