[Video Essay] Disappearing city: The disappearance of distinctive culture

The Video Essay Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6nkc2Q4qX8&list=PL5PP0NHM6bT9DpggvjwrrlG26bJ50vEr0&index=1  Title: Disappearing city: The disappearance of distinctive culture Site: Alleyway (Hohhot, China) “Culture heritage provides us an automatic sense of unity and belonging.”(2019) Background: Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, has a very strong ethnic integration character and geographical advantages by virtue of its political and geographical conditions. The province of Inner Mongolia is adjacent to Gansu Province on the left and Mongolia on the north. This situation and condition makes Inner Mongolia’s political center, Hohhot, have many residents of Mongolian, Hui and other ethnic minorities. At the same time, I believe that Inner Mongolia

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Carl Abbott

After reading, I was interested in the walking city mentioned in the first half. The residents can move the whole city anytime when there is serious environmental pollution and political oppression. In such a situation, people really have human rights and initiative. The author points out that such cities are not only hunters, but also gatherers and traders. Each independent city had a high degree of economic development and autonomous power. Each inhabitant is indispensable. The article’s “urban robots with huge extendable legs” is also a reflection of the unprecedented development of technology. In the future, advanced artificial intelligence and

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B FOR BUSY<愛情神話>,DIR. Shao Yihun, 2016 Shanghai alley and Mr Bai’s house [Mr. Bai and Miss Li leave the scene of the play, scene from B FOR BUSY (2021), directed by Shao Yihun] This is a city movie with a story about love. The film opens with Mr. Bai and Ms. Li watching a play together at the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center. The words in the picture seem to imply the main tone of the movie – Dramatic. At the same time, the film’s camera always follows Mr. Bai’s delicate Shanghai alley life, and the Shanghai dialect throughout the film,

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Reading Response

I think the relationship between architecture and film is the same as the role played by describing the environment when writing an essay. We can use the light and dark colors of the buildings portrayed in the film, and even the weather, etc. for the environment in the film, to maximize the role of the general tone and atmosphere of the plot that the director and screenwriter want to convey in this film. At the same time the audience has the maximum viewing experience to bring into the plot. Miao Luxing 3035917769