Tram stopping.

Stopping tram stop                            Xu Ruihang 3035945845 My final assignment topic is tram stop/bus stop. According to Dalian daily newspaper (2022), Dalian is the only city that never stopped the tram operation in China mainland. The Dalian tram was sketched out by Russians in 1903, and the earliest tram line in China was built in Dalian by Japanese from 1905 to 1909. The hole tram and tram stop witnessed the history of the city, including both the prosperity and the decline. Therefore, I compared the tram stop with

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Reading response: Carl Abbott

The writer discussed about the imaginary cities in the science fiction movies and other kinds. The cause of the imaginary cities are usually built up due to the shortage of resources and environmental damage. The people  in the future have to build new city constructions and form new lifestyle, including the flying and movement of the whole city. However, the movies are the reflection of the modern social world and social problems instead of imagination, including the resource allocation failure and the capitalist. Also, the difference between people in different classes and different genders are reflected in the movie. For

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Reading response: Tsutsui W.M.

The famous movie Gojira 1954 is considered as an expression of the public impression of nuclear explosion and natural disasters. The brooding and dark film during that time expresses the phobia towards the nuclear science which more Japanese people not familiar with. Since the period that Tokyo is still well-known as Edo castle, earthquakes and fire disasters never ended. The city is like being cursed that at least 31 fire disasters happened in the 5 centuries which is the whole history of this city. Gorija is not just a character, a monster that plays negative role in the film, but

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Field work: Encounters on the road/Sycamore hotel

The place in my mind that occurs in the movie is the Dali Sycamore hotel in the movie 《Encounters on the road》The movie uses a two-line narrative. One is a series of interesting events that happened when the male protagonist, Geng went to Dali with his friend Hao after his divorce. The other one happened five years ago, Kang met Geng traveled to Dali, Yunnan after hearing Geng’s song “Go to Dali”, and eventually got married with Geng. At the beginning of the movie, Kang intends to divorce Geng. From the conversation with the lawyer, it can be known that

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Reading response: Joseph Rosa

In most movies that contains architecture and family definitions as a representation of character identities during the period 1930s-1990s all conducted traditional structure as warm, normal and satisfied, which shown in traditional family structure and positive character. On the other hand, the new structures, especially the apartments conduct the character as abnormal and negative, including the LGBT group, the weirdos and single elder generations. Also, during the period of wars and turmoil, the breaking of the new architecture can be witnessed int eh movies like the series of James Bond. After this period, the diversity and uncertainty are shown in

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Reading Response: Jennifer Yoos and Vincent James

The article mainly focused on the pedestrian highways, including the sky-way in the urban areas. In order to enrich the city infrastructure due to the structuralism, enhance people to transport from skyscraper to skyscraper without going outside, the important sky-way appeared quickly and were built in every corner of the cities. The multilevel metropoils  were created and the citizens are allowed to transport horizontally in a short time. The enhanced urban economy during the city contribution promotes not only the business communication, but also introduces a new way of transportation. As the article mentioned, the original and traditional way is

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Reading response: Nezar AlSayyad

The article explains the relative and direct relationship between the surveillance systems and the voyeurism, containing the films Rear Window, The end of Violence and silver. The camera which are used as recording tools as well as the new observing way brings a new way of knowing and cognition. Through the films, a group of people gain view of others without the consideration of privacy, interfere others who are being watched. It is undoubted that the characters in the films are over-estimated as some of the women are willing to be objectified, which promotes the failure of information. The innovated

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