Tram stopping.

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My final assignment topic is tram stop/bus stop. According to Dalian daily newspaper (2022), Dalian is the only city that never stopped the tram operation in China mainland. The Dalian tram was sketched out by Russians in 1903, and the earliest tram line in China was built in Dalian by Japanese from 1905 to 1909. The hole tram and tram stop witnessed the history of the city, including both the prosperity and the decline. Therefore, I compared the tram stop with the time.

According to A Brief History of Time created by Stephen William Hawking (1988), in our search for a unified theory of physics, we come across the idea that it is possible to go back in time, or exist outside of the so-called time-out system, or if we look, there may be no time at all. Another scientist Albert Einstein came up with the theory of existence and time. According to General Relativity (Albert Einstein, 1915), as the presence of “existence” and does not produce any state changes, then the time still exists, and it is static and exists. Therefore, in the process of the change in its state of time relative to the object represents the state of change and the formation of a dynamic time. The change of movement of the object represented by time causes its corresponding time to change from static to dynamic. As a result, time here is a relative thing that relative to the things it represents, and the state of time is also relative to the change of the state of the things it represents. In this angle, time is more likely to be motionless and that’s why I compare tram stop with the time which is a symbolism method. According to the Baifen magazine (2019), the symbolic technique is a kind of expression technique which is based on a certain connection between things, with the help of a specific image of something to express some abstract concept and emotion.

People always soak themselves in fantasy or pleasure in order to forget or to escape from the continuously flow of time. In order to show the difference of fantasy and reality, I used the wordless montage technique of expression. According to China university of petroleum (2012), montage is a movie term that means editing and combination. It is one of the important expression methods of film directors. In order to show the theme of the film, many shots are organized to form a coherent and complete film. I used the old-fashioned trams in No.201 line shots in morning with the Brown filter to show the boring and indifference of the reality while used the new kind trams on No.202 line shots at night with Instantly spring filter to show the beauty and the fragility of fantasy. Also, the use of McGuffin technique is important on the creation of the movie. The first one is the wind sound during the switch between reality and fantasy, the handrail did not shake showed that the wind does not really exist. However, it is the important clue for the switching. Also, the yellow traffic light shots which occurred for several times is also McGuffin technique. Other traffic light shots showed that there is no yellow traffic light for the tram line. Also, on the end of the film, the “fantasy” occurred before the yellow traffic light shot. Apart from showing the emotionlessness of time, the yellow traffic light shots express a warning of saving time and stopping staying in fantasy. The so-called McGuffin means something that does not exist. It represents a topic or a simple plot and idea, and the suspense and plot arising from it (World culture Arts, 2020).

The usual explanation for why we never see the broken cups come together, leave the ground and jump back on the table is that this violates the second law of thermodynamics, which states that in any closed system disorder or entropy always increases with time. (Stephen Hawking, 1988). In order words, it is a form of Muffey’s law: things tend to get worse, for example, while a broken cup on the floor is a disordered state. It is easy to go from the cup on the table earlier to the broken cup on the ground later, rather than the other way around. At least for our human who are three-dimensional creatures, the time is irreversible. “If you have, one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, would you capture it? Or just let it slipped.” (Eminem, 2002).

This is my video link, I could not submit the video directly because the system said that it was too large.


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  1. Sammie says:

    Your ideas about time are very interesting and you have expressed them poetically through this project about the tram. I appreciate the use of visual techniques, although the overall video could be more coherent. The concepts about time and the historical aspects of the tram site could be interweaved more closely throughout the video, rather than having the text at the last slide, as it is a little abrupt. Note the proper way to cite your references.


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