[Field-Homework 3] 2020: A Take-out Odyssey

He Yifu

This documentary is inspired by the classic sci-fi movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey.
The theme music — “Also Sprach Zarathustra” works really well for this documentary.
It started low and depressed, just like the city under the coronavirus crisis, yet as it goes, it gradually became excited and indignant, just like the city’s renaissance.
Yet the renaissance takes people’s effort to take place, and this documentary would focus on one kind of people, the take-out food deliverymen.
We follow them as they travel through the city to deliver the food, the city, as well as the people, the business is all captured altogether.


He Yifu


1 thought on “[Field-Homework 3] 2020: A Take-out Odyssey

  1. Ina Wu says:

    Enjoyed your lively narration. Appreciate your already identified subject matter, in this case, the delivery man, the hero of your documentary. It is a good start to think of the routines/ journeys of the delivery man as a form of odyssey. Currently the cinematic thinking seems to be a pulled back aesthetic, in many cases thinking only about one-point-perspective. Is this intentional? Visually it ends abruptly even though your narration returns to the initial point about the odyssey. However, there’s no corresponding frame to pick up what you are saying.


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