[Field-Homework 3] Mask or mask the mask?

The storyboard is based on a true story. It’s about a girl who lives in a Western country undergoing discrimination because she wears a mask. In most Western countries, although the coronavirus spreads fast, people regard that only those who are infected should wear masks. However, wearing masks is an effective way to prevent the virus from spreading and to protect people from being infected. It is difficult to spot the virus before a person has any symptoms. The failure of Western countries to stop the virus from spreading is an essential factor leading to the crisis today.





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Name: Shun Ying, Zhuang
UID: 3035702827

1 thought on “[Field-Homework 3] Mask or mask the mask?

  1. Annie Lye says:

    This is an excellently presented storyboard. Appreciate also that your drawings consider motion. As for the topic of “mask-wearing” there needs to be more weighted view on the subject. It would be more meaningful if you would look at this situation from a few other perspectives, such as ‘western’ media (e.g. Guardian, Reuters) to get a more balanced overview.


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