Reading Response: Carl Abbott

This article discusses one of the future cities shown in science fiction films—”migrant city”. Migrant cities have been given a certain degree of “life” by science fiction writers, allowing them to fly, walk, float or even merge with surrounding places as live things.

In science fiction, migrant cities always seem to assume the role of collapse, escape or resistance. Indeed, science fiction films provide audiences with the ultimate sensory experience through their stunning visual effects and unfettered plots, but all kinds of crises in the film point back to our real world. The future city is the product of the future, but it has never been separated from the laws and contradictions of reality. Therefore, the significance of science fiction films is to warn the real world through the fictional “Utopia” so that people can have a deeper reflection on problems in reality such as environmental protection or social strata.

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  1. Sammie says:

    Clear and concise summary. Do you mean ‘Migratory Cities’ instead of ‘Migrant Cities’? Your point about how migratory cities are given ‘life’ is interesting, since that may render them as characters rather than settings in films. Do you think that such science fiction films featuring ‘Migratory Cities’ are effective in conveying their critique of real-world socio-environmental issues?


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