Reading Response: Carl Abbott

The idea of cities on the move is an interesting trope we often see in sci-fi films. As described in the reading, migratory cities, or distributed cities specifically, simultaneously highlight the specialization and interaction of the urban city. It is an excellent media that allows the creators to magnify and display in-depth a specific phenomenon in real life, be it social stratification in Snowpiercer, or the endurance of humanity shown with the Cooper Station in Interstellar being so strong that even a deadly blight on earth is not enough to kill us off. Migratory cities are always on the move, evolving in size or complexity in nebulous, unpredictable ways. Perhaps the identity these cities possess is really the identity of its citizens, be it tenacious, monotonous, unfriendly, or utterly corrupt. After all, as said in Thor: Ragnorok, “Asgard is not a place. It’s a people.”

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  1. Sammie says:

    I appreciate how you brought in other film examples in your discussion of the characteristics of migratory cities. The quote from Thor: Ragnorok leads me to wonder if de Certeau’s ideas of space and place could also be relevant to your response.


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