[Reading Response: Carl Abbott]

Carl Abbott discussed imaginary cities in science fiction. Due to issues like resources shortage, environmental degradation, and so on. The residents of these cities had to create a new way of life for survival, which is called “ migratory cities” by the author. Their cities can move, walk, or fly. The imaginary cities can reflect some social reality. Some movies are an indication of environmental worries in society because these cities are usually forced by environmental issues to wander. Some movies meanwhile reveal class issues and the darkness inside humans. For example, a movie mentioned by the author told a story that humans were living on a train and the train is just their city. The rich can live a life completely different from the poor. This inequality can be exaggerated within a small space which calls for reflection.

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  1. Sammie says:

    This is a well-written summary of the essay. What do you think could be some of the emotions evoked in some of the examples of films from the reading?


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