Reading Response: Christine Boyer

In The imagery real world of cybercities, the author has mentioned: “Cybercity narrate the dematerialization of physical space and chronological time.” This line has gotten me to brainstorm further regarding materials in such cyberworld. Technology advancement in virtual reality created such imagery cyber world for users to immerse in which has reduced the users’ awareness towards actual space and time. In movie the philosophers, the director has illustrated such cyber virtual world for the users to conduct several experiments in. While they are in the virtual world, the importance of the physical space and time has significantly decreased. This cyber world is so close to the actual world that all users believe the cyber world they are in is the “actual physical world”. Therefore, what matters the most is the existence of time and materials in such cyber world, user loses awareness towards physical matters and time. However, physical matters and time in such cyber world is still valuable to an extent. For instance, power sources such as electricity supports the existence of cyberworld. The existence of time keeps a record of the physical world history.


Jingyang Guo


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