Reading response: Michel de Certeau

It was only after reading the text that I was able to differentiate “space” from “place”, with the former related to time and mobility, and the later associated with location and stability. The interchangeability between the two accentuates the important role people play in spatial practices. Our circulation and movements are vital to activate places into spaces, and in turn, spaces are transformed into places through common cultural recognitions and activities. For instance, the Sai Wan Instagram Pier was once a “place” for cargo transportation, but was transformed into a “space” when there were operations of leisure activities and creations of cultural memories.

These concepts are vital to films as narrating through “space” reconstructs experiences of “being in the world”, but not from a top-bottom, speculator perspective. Camera angles that communicate through spatial sequences evokes atmospheres and emotions of characters, portraying diversities and subjectivity of narratives.

Tiffany To


1 thought on “Reading response: Michel de Certeau

  1. Jen Lam says:

    Good summary and reflection. Place and space are indeed interchangeable. I would argue that Sai Wan Pier has also become a place through active spatial practices. People recognize it as a spot for leisure activity in the Western District. I wonder how you recognize the importance of adopting such a concept of place and space when we discuss urbanism?


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