Field Trip 2: Sunday Central Escalator

Differentiation of Speeds: Occupy central escalator This is the beginning of the central escalator. The public infrastructures in Hong Kong’s prime real estate areas are occupied by foreign domestic workers on every typical Sunday afternoon since the 70s, with Hong Kong witnessing a rapid increase in women leaving traditional domestic roles. The shaded corridor that marks the beginning of central escalator also houses this unique Sunday phenomenon that derives from Section 17 of the Employment Ordinance (Cap.57). In between crowded thoroughfare and parasols parade, there stands the subject as the mitigatory entity bridging the two forces. While pedestrians look at

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Field trip II Escalator in Central: People

The escalator is a space full of people. People who are going up, people who are strolling down, people who…… Nevertheless, the mundane presence of people makes them absent and invisible. In such a transportation space where people constantly pass by each other, we usually don’t look at people, but just see them briefly. The subject of these five videos shot in Central, then, is nothing else but the overlooked figure of people.   Camera is static; subject is dynamic There are two kinds of subjects in this video; the obvious dynamic subject (the moving vehicles), and the hidden subject

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