[Field-Homework 3] Mobile city – Dai Pai Dong

[Video Essay] Mobile city – Dai Pai Dong A flare from the turnaround corner in the Shek Kip Mei Street caught my eyes, alongside some foggy smoke, a crowded yet lively picture came to me. The night comes, and so does the life of Dai Pai Dong ‘Oi Man Saang (愛文生)’ starts. The nostalgic, lively, crowded, unsorted and mobile representation is fascinating. Therefore, I would like to discover more with this video essay.  In this video, I specifically choose to use an old DV camcorder to collect all the footage in order to build a nostalgic and lofi feeling in the

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[Field-Homework 1] Workplace

Wide-angle: The front view of a beauty parlor. There were no customers at that time. The epidemic coronavirus is ravaging small businesses as people prefer staying indoors.   Bird’s eye: Viewing from the beauty parlor, which is situated on 17/F, to the ground, I could see hardly any people wandering on the street. Fewer people are willing to go out.   View frame: From the reflection of the mirror, a vacant room is seen.    Crop: The photo crops out the alcohol-based sanitizer, heat detector, and other cleaning products, which are placed on the table in front of the shop

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