[READING RESPONSE] Jennifer Yoos and Vincent James

The reading passage tells us some history and characteristics of the pedestrian system in different cities, like New York has multilevel “access trees”. After reading this passage, I try to rediscover and observe the multilevel pedestrian network in Hong Kong. As all we know, Hong Kong is a high density city, a good network of pedestrian systems can help to disperse the crowd. We can find skyways and footbridges everywhere, from housing estates to big shopping malls. Although the passage does not talk a lot about the underground tunnel, I think the underground tunnel system is also a very important

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Reading Response: Jennifer Yoos and Vincent James

City as a process is a concept worthwhile reflection. On the one hand, this is a more successful case than the same system implemented in other cities. On the other, it also means that Hong Kong lacks significant historic conservation agenda. The idea of an elevated pedestrian network connecting the Central and Admiralty districts in 1961 shaped Hong Kong as we know it today, defining Hong Kong as a dense and complex place. In my opinion, these kinds of complex interconnections are the things that Hong Kong need to conserve as they represent Hong Kong at its core. We see

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