[Reading Response: Michel de Certeau]

Certeau examines the relativity of “place” and “space” in the article. I regard “place” as a artificially defined “space”, that we give a specific “space” a definition, like a name or a feeling, to make it a space. For example, The Peking Road in Canton, which is the central of the city, is always preserved but its name varied from era: in Qing Dynasty, it was named “WingCing”, meaning the long-life of Qing; then Sir Sun Yat-sen renamed it as “WingHon”, meaning the long-life of Han; then the street renamed as “Peking” in Culture Revolution, showing that places are the

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[Reading response] Michel de Certeau

Before reading this article, there were few terms that I was unaware of their differences. Understanding exact meanings and differences between them, it made me think and reflect upon movies that I know and Re-examine the use of these terms as a tool. Place and space. I used to think that these two terms have same meaning, just used at different context. However, the article explains that place is an area with fixed objects and space is area with experience (movement). For example, a city square with buildings is a place but once people experience this place, it becomes a

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