[Mood Board] Relationships

The break out of the coronavirus forces people to live in a different way- home-office, online shopping, no-social activities, etc. This significant change restricts people’s movements, as everyone cannot even walk out or gather with friends and family. We may be able to stay with parents, but conflicts between generations happen more frequently. We cannot hang out with friends but playing with the phone, so the relationships between friends and colleagues are distant. So, what will happen to an individual’s relationships? Stemming from the aspects of relations between people during such a unique situation, I will create a documentary describing a university student who studies at home. From defining an ordinary student’s daily life, the change of relationship will be gradually shown, including how he/she deals with family relations, boy/girlfriend relations, and companions relations, etc. LI, ZIYUAN 3035701641

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  1. Matt Chan says:

    – Instead of covering different kinds of relationships, you can focus on one specific relationship, e.g. family.
    – Consider using the dining table as potential film device.
    – Test different camera angles and views around the table that can explore your concepts of conflicts, technology, etc.


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