[Reading Response] Michel de Certeau

In this chapter, Michel de Certeau explores what gives places meaning, and agues that stories give meaning to place- turning them into spaces. De Certeau compares the place and map to space and tour, proposing that while places and maps are descriptive and neutral, spaces and tours are created through the stories that happen with places. In this sense, space is performative, and stories are trajectories created within places, giving space its context. Therefore, while buildings and structures are described by their composition, architecture is the result of its use- and the stories that happen within. This is why the comparison between space, language and mass transportation is rather fitting. Like languages, the formation of spaces require context, and like mass transportation, both languages and stories (which enable space) are structured akin to the routes of buses and trains that travel, intersect and interact with each other.

— Chung, Wing Sze Cecilia (3035742487)

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  1. Putri Santoso says:

    You made a good point on how space, language, and mass transportation are related in the sense that the three of them are bound to some kind of context and structure. How would you think the stories that happen within a building, or architecture, “shaped’ space? Elaborating your point with one or two examples would be a productive exercise in this case.


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