Reading Response: Michel de Certeau

It is worth pointing out the distinguishment between Space and Place. Place is a location which is mapped by urban planners, but it may be transformed to a space due to people’s actions. For instance, people in different moods may change their behaviors, such as exploring new paths, creating a new space. In this case, I wonder about the values of planning a place adopting top-down strategies since the space users will make enormous differences on the places afterward. Is it better to leave more rooms for users to design by themselves?

In addition, people’s activities may be influenced by memories or future fantasies. And spaces can be a metaphorai to bring people to the past or future. At the same time, narrators can use different methods to present spatial stories. The film, a media to tell these spatial stories, can help us further understand spaces. That’s why film matters.

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  1. Jen Lam says:

    Regarding your question on planning, I wonder how we should balance the extent of design/ planning? It seems to be a more complicated question beyond the spatial practice of users. Do users make place and do planners make space too?


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