Robert Chi in his writing analyzes the Hong Kong Cinema’s ideologeme. Hong Kong’s cinema has been active since the 1910s. Hong Kong was at the front of cinematic technologies as it was the trading hub of cultures and businesses. It is remarkable how active the film industry was before the 1980s. Given the small scale of land, the amount of films produced here is staggering as compared to China’s from 1930-1980: 6,000 and 2,800 respectively. Film companies were mainly based in Hong Kong and Shanghai during this period. However, due to the freedom of expression in Hong Kong, actors and actresses gradually moved to Hong Kong production companies. While Hong Kong was never an official nation, Hong Kong identity and “nation-ism” was present in Hong Kong cinema as early as the 1930s. The international popularity Hong Kong films gained was significant in the world seeing Hong Kong as a unique identity and nation.

KIM Daeun


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